Meet our 2017 interns!


Nola TolsmaNola Tolsma, Fellowship Assistant

“As the fellowship assistant at AP, I have had the opportunity to work with  and for marginalized communities around the world. AP is a model of a successful operation working to support organizations doing much needed  work in their communities. Rather than coming in with an agenda and a  budget, AP asks what is needed and works with the locals instead of over  their heads. This is one of the many thins I admire about Iain and the  team – they are not afraid to be humble and do the dirty work to help the  job get done.

My work here included helping with the Fellowship hiring process for this  summer. I helped post job listings, review applications, interview, set up  training, etc. I also helped with writing the Annual report and updating  some parts of the website. Don’t be misled, though: while we do work  hard, this group is like a family and we have a blast working together (and  eat lots and lots and lots of chocolates).

I feel that I learned more this semester than I possibly could have imagined, and I really understand how much of a jack of all trades you need to be to run a nonprofit. I am so so grateful to AP for the opportunity to learn and grow as a person, student and future NGO employee. AP is doing something right, and I am honored to have been a part of it this semester.”

angelique758 (1)
Angelique Palomar (aka Angelica, mighty mouse, mighty midget or fire cracker) Outreach and Fundraising Assistant

“I became the Jane of all Trades because of AP. From being an  electrician to coordinating events, it was like getting to try a new piece  of chocolate from a See’s Candy box! As a fundraising assistant, I was  in-charge of maintaining the donor database and drafting emails to  AP’s massive network. All while getting the hang of Global Giving,  Network for Good and Constant Contact, I took on the role of Communications and Media Outreach Assistant. Every day was  different, filled with a variety of work from designing graphics, to  asking my friends and family in helping with a Global Giving campaign appeal. I even learned basic HTML coding! The biggest project I  managed was quilt outreach. I coordinated events with solidarity groups from various universities.

I’ve gained invaluable skills, knowledge and lasting friendships from my time at AP. Here I am thinking I would be contributing to marginalized communities, little did I know how much this experience would return to me in ten-folds. I am incredibly proud to be a part of a truly impactful organization. Cheers!”

Kate WagnerKate Wagner, Social Media Coordinator (Unofficial Peace Fellow Expert)

“What can I say about my time at AP? I was so lucky to have the opportunity to work  here for almost nine months. As the social media intern (for the first three months,  with a promotion to Social Media Coordinator), I was the voice behind AP’s  community updates. But my job was so much more than that. If I had seen things  like “create promotional graphics,” “lead crowdfunding campaigns,” and “edit and  troubleshoot HTML code for the website” on the job application, I don’t think I would  have bothered applying! But after my time at AP, I can proudly say that I would  apply to an identical position with confidence.

That’s what I grew to adore about AP’s small office: nobody was expected to know everything, and everybody would eventually learn something. After being with AP for  less than a month, I was teaching my fellow intern Catalina how to add her bio to the website. After being at AP for about three months, I was learning new editing  software; another four months later, I was teaching it to AP’s director Iain and the  2017 Peace Fellows. And somewhere around my third month with AP, I could identify  a Peace Fellow from 2012 by one grainy photo, dive into their Flickr album, and find  a better quality version of the same photo. I guess that’s a side effect of interning with AP when there are no Fellows out in the field!

I will forever be grateful to AP for all that they have done for me. Closing an almost two-year gap on my resume; opening my eyes to what life is like outside of the USA; teaching me so many new skills; making me hone and update my existing skills; and introducing me to so many wonderful coworkers: Karen, Catalina, Nola, Angelique, Bri, Talia, and Natalie (not to mention this year’s Peace Fellows). These last nine months have been truly wonderful, and I will always look back upon my time at AP fondly.”

NatalieNatalie Roberts, Social Media Assistant (“Nats”)

“As the AP social media assistant, I have had the ability to virtually keep up with  our summer peace fellows! I had the opportunity to invest my time in learning  about AP’s partner organizations, and the fellowship program. Before this experience, I undoubtedly considered myself a social media guru, but this  summer, this skill has grown to what I would call a ‘social media junkie.’ My  everyday tasks  consisted mostly of tracking our nine fellows through their  journeys abroad and reporting them to the various social media platforms  (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr etc.). However, I also edited video, edited  pictures, designed graphics, assisted with basic office tasks, and collaborated with  my co-interns on GlobalGiving appeals, fundraising and event ideas, and partner  organizations. I was even able to connect with AP’s supporters through the  writing of blog digests to highlight the fellows blog postings.

AP truly lives up to the notion of “small but mighty.” AP’s commitment is truly  inspiring. I have seen AP accomplish so much in just a few short months, and for  that I am grateful to have been able to support such an influential organization.”

TaliaTalia Hoch, Outreach and Fundraising Assistant (the Napper)

“The Advocacy Project plucked me from college obscurity when they showcased their  Middle Eastern Refugee Quilt at my university. It was love at first sight. I fell in love  with AP’s message and mission and knew I just had to work for them.  After our first  meeting I reached out and secured a summer internship. On my first day at the  office they showed me the couch that they had and said that I could nap there  whenever. From that moment I know I had chosen the right place to intern at!

After arriving I truly got to know AP’s mission and how they operated first hand.  My  official title was the outreach and fundraising assistant but I did more than just that.  By being the outreach intern I got to meet with and Skype with many different  organizations. I learned how to conduct meetings and how to work towards a  common goal with these organizations.  However, I learned so much more than  that. I learned basic html (never thought that would be something I would ever  learn or ever want to learn), catalogue design, excel, and a lot more.

I had already respected AP’s mission of working with marginalized and underserved  populations but once becoming an intern I grew to love it. AP never tried to come off as ‘white saviors’ coming in and telling these community organizations what to do. Instead they strove to build the capacity and the capability of these organizations. They were also so careful to not hijack the narratives of these communities for their own gain they made sure that the voices of these people were heard loud in clear.

I am so grateful for my time with AP working with Karen, Iain, Natalie, and Bri was so rewarding. We were such a team working together to support everyone’s job to be an effective non-profit. I will miss them all dearly but I know I’ll be seeing them soon!”

Brianna, Administrative Assistant

“As the administrative assistant during the summer, I helped keep track of all the 2017 AP Fellows as they worked with partner organizations around the world. I got to learn alongside the Fellows at the May training, and quickly became immersed in the digital side of AP’s work. Aside from monitoring logistics and security in each country where we had a Fellow posted, I also updated and added to the online training materials available to the Fellows. I researched myriad topics like crowdfunding, peacebuilding, and videography to help ensure that our Fellows had all the tools they needed to support our partner organizations. Over the course of the summer, I was excited to become something of a website guru as I worked on updating the AP website and finding solutions for our partners’ websites. I learned how to use plugins, HTML and CSS coding, and all the little buttons that make WordPress work like a charm

I had no idea that I could learn so much in just a few short months! AP gave me the chance to work with our partners on initiatives that amplify the voices of people who have powerful stories to tell. Even beyond the opportunity to build new skills and learn about the world of nonprofit work, AP gave me new friends and mentors for whom I am incredibly grateful. I’ll miss the office full of sunlight, quilts, and stories!”


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