Rangineh Azimzadeh (Palestine)

Rangineh Azimzadeh

Rangineh Azimzadeh (Democracy Workers Rights Center - DWRC): Rangineh graduated cum laude from Portland State University with an undergraduate degree in Communications Studies. She then went abroad to Nicosia, Cyprus where she studied International Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Rangineh also lived and studied abroad in Iran and Italy, and served as a fellow for the Institute for International Public Policy from 2003-2007. She undertook intensive Arab language training at Middlebury College before entering the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) as a graduate student. While at MIIS Rangineh participated in a 3-week intensive winter practicum in Cambodia on peace building in a post-conflict society. After her fellowship, Rangineh wrote: “The field experience helped to recommit me to working in the region and on this conflict specifically. It increased my global awareness immensely and provided a critical opportunity for introspection.”

DWRC: A Founder’s Story

12 Jul

In 1994, Hassan Barghouthi founded the Democracy and Workers Rights Center in Ramallah with the intention of creating an organization dedicated to workers’ rights. Fifteen years later, the DWRC remains an innovative leader in labor union reform and education. Mr. Barghouthi’s vision for the DWRC has helped thousands of Palestinian workers over the years by granting them access to free legal consultation, training and awareness seminars and, until recently, an occupational health clinic where workers could be seen by a physician at no charge. The following interview with Mr. Barghouthi provides some insights about the foundation of the DWRC and why it remains such a critical asset to Palestinian workers and the fight to guarantee their rights.



Posted By Rangineh Azimzadeh

Posted Jul 12th, 2009


  • Alissa

    July 17, 2009


    Great video to get a personal view of the DWRC’s mission! And as a side note, I also really liked the music you put in.

  • Barbara

    July 19, 2009


    Wow-Tremendous interview and recording. I noticed you used the facocused ocnversation method of interviewing. I liked the photos of happy workers signing for their checks and in training sessions. I notice even in Ramallah, they use flipcharts! .:) So glad this organization exists.

  • iain

    July 23, 2009


    I’ve sat in this room with Hasan many times, and am so glad to see this interview! You’re right – Hasan is a pillar of strength.

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