How We Promote Social Change

The Advocacy Project seeks to foster relationships based on mutual-understanding and a common goal. Therefore, our partnerships take one of two forms, described below. After reading the options, feel free to submit an application!

1. Full Partnership (~2-5 years)

With a full partnership, AP will go to the partner’s country to understand the issue (research), write profiles (interviews) of the beneficiaries, and launch a pilot program (start-up). The program should address an issue and offer an innovative way to help the victims. The start-up could be one of the partner’s existing programs, or a new one that we develop together based on the partner’s knowledge, approach, and understanding of the issue. By the end of year 1, we will have a written program proposal and budget to be implemented on year 2.

Full partners also receive a Peace Fellow, generally a graduate student, who will work with them from June-August (10-12 weeks). The Peace Fellow will not only help the partner to develop a start-up, but will also offer technical services relating to website building, social media, fundraising, and storytelling.

Finally, full partners get AP’s support year-round on services like fundraising (where we identify funding/help with submitting proposals to our joint program), outreach (advocacy events on your behalf), and tech support (to ensure that what the fellow started has continuity, like continuously updating a website). The AP staff also tries to visit all full partners every year.

Mr. Thuan, Mr, Luu, and Mr. Loc (left to right), three of AEPD’s outreach workers focusing on Agent Orange caregivers. AEPD has been an AP partner since 2011, and is currently a full partner.


2. Fiscal Sponsorship (1 year commitment that can be extended)

As a registered American nonprofit, we receive funds in the U.S. on behalf of the partner—this involves processing donations, thanking donors, sending them tax letters, and transferring funds to the partner when requested.

We also offer to launch a crowdfunding campaign on our Global Giving (GG) page to raise money for the partner as their fiscal sponsor. GG is a great platform for international CBOs, and AP has raised over $100,000 for our partners using GG since 2015.

Lastly, we help partners to create a work plan and budget, alongside a narrative report and a financial report for their donors. Typically, we do this over Skype.

For both partnerships we charge 10% of all funds raised to partners by us, so that we can continue supporting international partners in the first place. This means that if we don’t raise any money for you, we also don’t get a fee/don’t charge you.

Palestinian House of Friendship (PHF) Director Mohammed Sawalha, the mayor of the village of Asira al-Shamaliya, and a project engineer. PHF has been an AP partner since 2015, and is currently being fiscally sponsored.