Hsa Collective Agreement Resignation

23 Sep

Unless otherwise specified, negotiated amendments to this Agreement will enter into force on 1 July 2015. Language changes are printed in bold. In accordance with Article 9.08, if the parties fail to reach agreement on the determination of a position, the matter may be referred to arbitration or other mutually agreed decision-making proceedings. (ii) Every worker is entitled to at least two (2) consecutive days of leave and one free weekend out of two or by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker, two (2) free weekends in four (4) and, in any case, no more than two (2) consecutive weekends. A weekend is defined as consecutive hours between 0001 hours on Saturday and 0700 hours on Monday. As far as possible, a part-time worker may not be placed on hold on days when he is not scheduled, unless otherwise agreed. In case of mutual agreement, regular childcare fees are paid for the working day and regular wage rates apply when you are called. In the absence of a mutual agreement and in the event of the employee`s award, he benefits from a standby bonus in accordance with Article 15.11 (c) (ii) and in the event of an appeal in accordance with Article 15.12 (b). NOTE: After one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days after the signing of this collective agreement, the union`s employer must return home on the next list of union dues that will be filed.

Workers who were previously subject to the SGEU/PSC and CUPE 600 collective agreements and who were entitled to leave prior to acquisition will continue to benefit from this leave. 1. The granting and use of such leave shall be carried out in accordance with the conditions laid down in previous collective agreements. In particular: if a worker dies during his period of service and after ten (10) years of service, a tip must be paid to his estate – this tip must be calculated in the same way as for retirement or dismissal. Any overpayment of remuneration shall be settled as soon as possible by an agreement between the employer, the worker concerned and the appointed trade union representative. A worker who is recalled from his leave is paid twice (2x) of his standard rate for all hours worked. At the end of the work to which the employee has been recalled, the employee may resume and complete the remainder of the scheduled days of leave or, by mutual agreement, postpone unused leave to a later date. The employer shall deduct the introductory costs, predispositions and monthly contributions from the salaries of each employee covered by this Agreement. . .


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Posted Sep 23rd, 2021

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