Institutional Futures And Swap Clearing Account Agreement

23 Sep

The derivatives industry has established standard forms to support documentation resulting from the introduction of clearing agreements and clearing requirements have resulted in significant changes in derivative documentation. While unliquidated derivatives continue to be governed by an International Clearing and Exchange Association (ISDA) framework contract and a credit assistance annex, cleared derivatives require other documents, such as: (i) netting agreements, (ii) netting agreements, and (iii) collateral conversion agreements. “The endorsement is an important step that will allow U.S. clients to efficiently access central clearing of OTC derivatives transactions using standard market documentation,” said Robert Pickel, CEO of ISDA. “It represents the joint efforts of a wide range of market participants and is another step forward in the global derivatives industry, which is working constructively to reduce counterparties` credit risk through the use of centralized clearing arrangements.” The endorsement, which is intended to complement a futures and options agreement between a U.S. FCM and its client, contains assurances that each party must provide with respect to certain issues related to clearing, such as. B the treatment of the customer`s guarantees. The addition also defines the closing method for cleared OTC swaps, liquidation triggers and provisions for the valuation of closed trades. In addition, the addendum contains provisions relating to tax matters related to cleared OTC transactions. The addition was developed with the help of buy-side and sell-side participants in the cleared OTC swap markets, active in both futures and OTC derivatives. About thirty institutions participated in the preparation of the document.

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Posted Sep 23rd, 2021

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