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10 Apr

When submitting a right related to an employment contract dispute, the worker must first file an application with MOSAL before filing a right in court. If the case cannot be resolved within one month, MOSAL will refer the case to the trial court. b- You must perform a medical examination before the start of your employment and then perform similar periodic examinations at intervals of up to six months. The Minister adopts a resolution defining these sectors and professions and the procedures and timeliness of these medical examinations. An authority will be established to be an entity with an independent budget and which, under the authority of the Minister of Social Affairs and Labour, will be called the public authority of the workforce. It is responsible to the department under this Act and, at the request of employers, handles the importation and employment of foreign labour. A law governing that authority is passed within one year of the coming into force of this law. On the other hand, if the employer commits acts such as non-compliance with the provisions of the employment contract, it attacks its employee, endangers the health of the worker, a worker has the right to terminate the contract before and without notice and can collect his compensation and no compensation is paid to the employer. In the event of the death of a worker or if the worker does not do his work or records all his medical records, his contract is automatically terminated. However, compensation is paid.

An employment contract is also automatically terminated when its business goes bankrupt, merges with another company, is locked out or is sold or hereditary. The new owner will then be entitled to compensation, while employees will be able to continue to serve the new owner, while reserving his rights to compensation for his previous benefit. A worker has the right to demand the termination of benefits in the event of termination or expiry of the employment contract. The employer pays for a return flight for the worker to his country of origin at the expiry of the employment contract. Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and daily life in GCC countries. A worker is entitled to thirty (30) days of paid annual leave. However, the worker is not allowed to leave the first year of employment. If a worker has an indeterminate contract, the dismissal may be made by written notification to the other party. The notification must be made three months in advance, with the employer`s supporting reasons, before a worker`s contract is terminated.

The same is true for the employee. He should give the employer three months` notice before resigning from his current position. Currently, an employer does not have the right to lay off workers on leave. An employment contract gives a fair idea of the description of the employment relationship, the date of appointment and the length of service (if fixed) and the remuneration to be paid.

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Posted Apr 10th, 2021

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