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11 Apr

Some NTEU members also object to the framework on which workers still have to vote as a variation of enterprise agreements. One-Pager Performance Assessment Guide – Dissatisfied with your performance evaluation? This guide outlines the basic rules that the Agency must follow and your right to challenge an unfair assessment. One-Pager – Despite HHS` efforts to eliminate the language of the contract in this area, management has no carte blanche. This guide explains the Agency`s obligation to set performance standards and inform staff before they can be held accountable for standards. The guidelines outline a gradual and three-step return to normal operation with a building health and safety checklist, which includes guidelines for cleaning, communication, social distribution, mask use and visitors. The guidelines also provide for a particular reflection on the extension of telework for workers who travel to work by public transport or who have a permanent need for child care. Article 33 – Negotiations – We will pay negotiation-related expenses for our team. Mou has added sidebars for WebTA and Dragon. Elections throughout the organization take place every 1, 2 and 4 years. These elections are organised by the Austrlian Electoral Commission. Article 29 – Arbitration – The main amendments include reduced time frames for NTEU Counsel to invoke an arbitration case. Article 17 – Telework – At the Bundesdienst-Impasse-Gremium.

The fight for telecommuting will continue, please visit Fight for Telework. For almost all NTEU members, your terms of employment are set by an enterprise agreement between the NTEU and a university, a TAFE institute or another employer on the other. Every new generation of employees benefits from the efforts of thousands of union members who have already done so. Article 28 – Procedure of Appeal – The most important thing in this regard is that we have retained the right to deplore a number of very important points, including the reduction or refusal of telework, disciplinary measures, pac assessments and much more. However, the time it takes to file complaints and process complaints is shortened. Article 32 – Due Tow – Wrapped up with the modification of “LRO” to the Service Personal Office SPO “and language regarding the future right to automate the process. Add to line 141 a new section 7 in which it says: “NTEU will receive information from its members on tax withholding. The Agency will review the data points requested by the NTEU in connection with these reports.

A Guide to Renewing Your Telework Plan – Language prescribed by the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP) requires HHS employees to renew their telework contract every six months.

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Posted Apr 11th, 2021

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