Sinai 2 Agreement

12 Apr

The resumption of full sovereignty over Sinai in accordance with Article I, paragraph 2 of Egypt`s Article I will take place for each territory after Israel`s withdrawal from the territory. Article IV It is agreed between the parties that the Article IV review, paragraph 4, will be carried out at the request of one of the parties from three months after such a request, but that any changes can only be made with the mutual agreement of the parties. Article V, paragraph 2, should not be construed as limiting the first sentence of this paragraph. The above should not be considered a violation of the second sentence of Article V, paragraph 2, which reads: “The parties will respect the other`s right to navigation and overfly access to both countries through the Strait of Tiran and the Gulf of Akaba.” Article VI, paragraph 2, the provisions of Article VI should not be interpreted in contradiction with the provisions of the peace framework agreed at Camp David in the Middle East. The above should not be construed as a violation of Article VI, paragraph 2, of the Treaty, which reads: “The parties undertake in good faith to respect their obligations under this treaty, regardless of the actions taken by another party and independently of an instrument under this treaty.” Article VI, paragraph 5 The contracting parties have agreed that it is not claimed that this contract is a priority over other contracts or agreements or that other contracts or agreements prevail over this treaty. The above should not be construed as a violation of paragraph 5 of Article VI of the Treaty, which reads: “Subject to Article 103 of the Charter of the United Nations, the undertaking under this treaty is binding and fulfilled in the event of a conflict between the obligations of the parties under this treaty and any of its other obligations.” Appendix I of Appendix I of Appendix I of Appendix I reads: “The contracting parties agree with the nations from which the armed forces and United Nations observers originate. They will come from nations other than those who are permanent members of the Un Security Council. “With respect to the provisions of Article VI of Appendix 1, paragraph 8, in the absence of an agreement between the parties, the parties will adopt or support a U.S. proposal on the composition of the United Nations force and the observer.” Article 2 Economic and Trade Relations The contracting parties agree to remove all discriminatory barriers to normal economic relations and to end the economic boycott against each other following the interim withdrawal. The parties will enter into negotiations as soon as possible and no later than six months after the closing of the provisional withdrawal for the conclusion of a trade and trade agreement to promote economic relations. This agreement is seen by the parties as an important step towards a just and lasting peace. This is not a definitive peace agreement.

The Interim Sinai Agreement, also known as the Sinai II Agreement, was a diplomatic agreement signed by Egypt and Israel on September 4, 1975. The signing ceremony took place in Geneva. The agreement states that conflicts between countries “must not be resolved by military force, but by peaceful means.” [1] It also called for “a further withdrawal in Sinai and a new UN buffer zone.” [2] The agreement thus reinforced the commitment of Israel and Egypt to seek to address the United Nations.

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Posted Apr 12th, 2021

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