What Does Ridgid Lifetime Service Agreement Cover

15 Apr

5 minutes phone call, 2 batteries 3 days later. Another 5 minutes of phone call to give them the new series of new batteries, so that the new batteries are covered under LSA. It`s over. The second call is the important appeal. You have to make sure that your new series – will be recorded, otherwise it will not be covered for life. I think it`s related to third-party replacement deliveries, but not safely. I used the service for several of their 12V batteries, too in my opinion. The service center told me that I may have a bad tool that made the batteries bad, but when the tool was tested, I was told it was okay. So I made a final exchange for new batteries, then I sold everything. It was online before check-in, but I had receipts and depot service center (in tool rental locations) to do the swap. I think I was unlucky with this sentence, but I stayed away from ridgid for a while. To accept the RIDGID MARQUE CONTRAT® for lifetime service, you must register your RIDGID® Brand Hand Hero Power Tool, a stationary power tool or a pneumatic tool within 90 days of purchase. Sign up by signing up for www.ridgid.com, click “Product Registration” and select the corresponding product category.

Sign in to your personal account, if you don`t have an account, create an account. Then click “Save the new product.” Add all qualified RIDGID brand information: full model and serial numbers for each serialized device, including batteries and chargers. If you do not have access to the Internet, please attach a letter containing the following information: first name, surname, email, date of birth, telephone number, address, place, country, zip code, model number from the package and model number/serial number of all serialized tools, batteries and qualifying chargers, if applicable. Then send the confirmation expression online or the handwritten letter with your original receipt (a photocopy of your receipt is recommended for your registrations) and the original UPC of the qualifying product package to: RIDGID® Hand Hero and Stationary Power Tool Technical Service, PO Box 1427, Anderson, SC 29622 for processing and approval. Brother in law uses it at work, and loved the tools. However, for them, the lifetime warranty did not expire because they were informed that their tool had been abandoned and that parts were not available, so the warranty was of no use to them.

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Posted Apr 15th, 2021

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