Strengthening Community-based Advocacy in 10 Weeks

AP offers partners six separate services. Each partner is asked to select between one and three services at the start of the year and AP then provides the services throughout the year. The most intense period is during the summer, when we ask Peace Fellows to provide ten weeks of technical support for their hosts and produce deliverables that will strengthen their host’s advocacy and jump start campaigns for social change.

Design a Program or Campaign

One of the campaigns described on our Current Partners is launched or supported.

Whichever services are requested by the host organization will be directed towards supporting the selected program.

Photo: 2013 Fellow John Steies after the opening of the first public accessible toilet at the Gulu bus park. 


Tell the Partner’s Story

Video footage for use in social media and promotional material.

At least 100 high quality photographs tagged and captioned on the partner’s Flickr page.

A staff member from the host organization is trained in photo management.

10 weekly blogs.

Content for a campaign page on the AP website, and an AP news bulletin.

Embroidered squares for an advocacy quilt, where applicable.

Photo: 2015 Fellow Armando Gallardo in Vietnam

Strengthen the Partner Organization

A strategic plan and/or annual report.

A system for collecting and recording receipts (paper and electronic) that will improve financial management and transparency.

Partner staff members are trained in Monitoring and Evaluation (M and E), geared to the programs being supported.

The partner works effectively with interns and volunteers, including an AP associate (recruited from a local university).

Fiscal sponsorship to enable the transfer of funds from the US to a partner.

Photo: 2008 Peace Fellow Kristina Rosinsky at the Undugu Society of Kenya 

Websites and Social Media

A new WordPress website or an upgrade in the existing website.

An “accidental techie” from the partner organization is trained to post content and manage the site and produce content for the site and social media.

A new social media platform (Facebook, Twitter) or an upgrade in the existing platform. Increased web traffic by the end of 2017.

Photo: 2015 Peace Fellow Joti Sohi with children who were placed in school by her host organization CONCERN. 


A grant proposal template containing essential content about the partner organization that can be customized to individual donors.

A database of donor contacts.

Between $250 and $500, raised for beneficiaries of the program through a crowdfunding page.

Photo: Annelieke Van Der Weil, 2008 Fellow, at a fundraiser for the GDPU with Dorah Mwima, Miss Uganda 2009. 

International Promotion

A follow-up event at the Fellow’s school or in the community to promote the work of the host organization, after the Fellow returns.

Photo: 2014 Fellow Giorgia Nicatore helped to produce the Alafia Mali quilts while serving with Sini Sanuman in Mali. The quilts have been widely shown at exhibitions. 


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