Partners since 1998

Since 1998 AP has partnered with the 141 communities and their advocates listed below. Partners are organized by year, country, the beneficiary community and their advocates, who also acted as our partners. Almost all partners hosted a Peace Fellow, whose blogs can be found here. Some Fellows were recruited and managed jointly with friends of AP that are referred to here as “Outreach Partners.”






Outreach Partners

1 1998 Rome/Italy Victims of War Coalition for an International Criminal Court (CICC) CICC members
2 1998 Geneva Landmine victims International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) ICBL members
3 1998 France Human Rights defenders Amnesty International AI national chapters
4 1998 Geneva Victims of humanitarian crisis International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) ICVA members
5 1999 Honduras Survivors of Hurricane Mitch Rights Action ICVA
6 1999 Bosnia Muslim refugees returning home Screm Do Mira n/a
7 1999 Cambodia Women of South East Asia ASCENT and KAMPUCHEBOT n/a
8 1999-2003 Kosovo Kosovars under Serbian rule Eight Kosovo civil society groups n/a
9 2000-09 Guatemala Victims and survivors of massacre Association For the Integral Development of the Victims of Violence in the Verapaces, Maya Achi (Adivima) Rights Action
10 2000-05 Palestine Eight Palestinian NGOs Grassroots International GRI network
11 2000-07 Nigeria Girls trafficked from Edo State to Italy Women’s Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON) n/a
12 2000 Kosovo Kosovars after the war Seven Kosovo civil society groups n/a
13 2000 Cambodia Khmers seeking justice after Khmer Rouge Khmer civil society n/a
14 2000-03 Kenya African youth at risk from AIDS Youth Against AIDS (YAA) n/a
15 2001- 02 UN/New York Vulnerable children NGO Committee on UNICEF UNICEF through UNGA special sessions
16 2002-16 Bosnia Survivors of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre Bosnian Family (BOSFAM) n/a
17 2003 Kosovo Kosovo women Motrat Qiriazi/Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) n/a
18 2003 India Children Global Movement for Children UNICEF
19 2002-03 Europe Roma Five Roma advocates n/a
20 2002 Strasbourg France Roma women leaders International Roma Women’s Network (IRWN) Council of Europe Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
21 2002 – 04 Ecuador Amazon indigenous affected by oil extraction Centro de Derechos Económicos y Sociales (Center for Economic and Social Rights, (CDES) n/a
22 2003 Lebanon Journalists in Lebanon Middle East Reporter n/a
23 2003 – 09 Afghanistan Afghan women Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) n/a
24 2003 – Afghanistan Afghan  girls Oruj Leaning Center n/a
25 2003 – 10 Czech Republic Czech Roma Dzeno Association n/a
26 2003 – 06 Palestine Palestinians Middle East Nonviolence & Democracy (MEND) n/a
27 2003 – 07 Nepal Nepali civil society under military rule, Nepali minorities after war Collective Campaign for Peace (COCAP central and regional) n/a
28 2003 – 07 Italy Nigerian women trafficked to Italy Transnational AIDS Prevention Among Migrant Prostitutes in Europe Project (TAMPEP) n/a
29 2004 – 08 Palestine Palestinian workers Democracy and Workers Rights Center (DWRC) n/a
30 2004 – 07 Sri Lanka Tamils in Batticaloa, affected by the Tsunami Home for Human Rights n/a
31 2005 UN/New York Advocates for peace Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) n/a
32 2005 – 06 UK Gypsy women UK Association of Gypsy Women (UKAGW) n/a
33 2005 – 14 Nepal Dalit journalists Jagaran Media Center for Dalit Journalists (JMC) n/a
34 2005 Brazil Young people in favellas Viva Rio n/a
35 2005 – 15 Palestine Palestinians and Israelis seeking peace Alternative Information Center (AIC) n/a
36 2005 – 12 Malaysia Ethnic Chinese women with lupus eHomemakers n/a
37 2005 – 12 UK The Travellers of Dale Farm Dale Farm Housing Association n/a
38 2005 Uganda Displaced people Refugee Law Project n/a
30 2005 – 06 India Street children Butterflies n/a
40 2005 – 17 Bosnia War survivors in Srebrenica Forum of Srebrenica NGOs n/a
41 2006 Denmark Roma Romani n/a
42 2006 Fiji Fijians committed to democracy Citizens Constitutional Forum n/a
43 2007 Albania Trafficked women Churches Against Sex Trafficking in Europe (CHASTE) n/a
44 2007 Macedonia Women Association for Emancipation, Solidarity, and Equality of Women (ESE) n/a
45 2007 Macedonia Young people Youth Cultural Center (YCC) n/a
46 2007 Palestine Palestinians Friedrich Ebert Foundation (Middle East) n/a
47 2007 Geneva Minority and indigenous advocates Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) n/a
48 2007 – 10 Serbia Women Women in Black n/a
49 2007 – 09 Palestine Palestinian women under occupation Women’s Affairs Technical Committee (WATC) n/a
50 2007 – 15 Bangladesh Blind people Blind Education and Rehabilitation and Development Organization (BERDO) n/a
51 2007 – 11 Kenya Street children Undugu Society of Kenya (UNDUGU) n/a
52 2007 – 11 Sri Lanka Torture survivors Home for Human Rights n/a
53 2008 – 10 Peru Poor families in Trujillo Supporting Kids in Peru (SKIP) n/a
54 2008 Ethiopia Landmine survivors Landmine Survivors Network (LSN) Ethiopia LSN – Survivor Corps
55 2008 Bosnia Landmine survivors Landmine Survivors Network (LSN) Bosnia LSN – Survivor Corps
56 2008 Jordan Landmine survivors Landmine Survivors Network (LSN) Jordan LSN – Survivor Corps
57 2008 El Salvador Women threatened by violence Cemujer International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)
58 2008 Trinidad Women threatened by violence Women’s Institute for Alternative Development (WINAD) International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)
59 2008 – 11 Uganda Badja (Pygmies) in Central Africa East and Central African Association for Indigenous Rights ECAAIR (World Peasants Indigenous Organization) n/a
60 2008 – 14 India Waste-pickers CHINTAN Environmental Research and Action Group n/a
61 2008 – 11 Nepal Small landholders Nepal Social Development and People Empowerment Center (NESPEC) n/a
62 2008 – 17 Nepal Women with uterine prolapse Women’s Reproductive Rights Program (WRRP-CAED) n/a
63 2008 Colombia Landmine survivors Land Mine Survivors in Colombia (LSN-Colombia) LSN – Survivor Corps
64 2008 El Salvador Landmine survivors LSN-Salvador/Red de sobrevivientes LSN – Survivor Corps
65 2008 – Vietnam Victims of landmines Agent Orange Landmine Survivors of Vietnam/Association for the Empowerment of Persons with Disability (AEPD) LSN – Survivor Corps
66 2008 – Uganda People with a disability in Gulu District Gulu Disabled Persons Union (GDPU) LSN – Survivor Corps; Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Ohio; Rotary club of North Kingstown, RI
67 2008 – 17 Peru Relatives of the disappeared Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team (EPAF) n/a
68 2008 DRC Civilians in South Kivu province 1. Bureau of Voluntary Service for Children and Health (BVES) 2. Tunza Mazingira 3. MJA Mutuelle Jeunesse Action 4. South Kivu Association of Women Journalists Vital Voices
69 2009 DRC Victims of lawlessness and environmental damage in South Kivu Arche d’Alliance Zivik – the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, Berlin
70 2009 – 15 DRC Victims of war rape in South Kivu SOS Femmes en Danger (SOS-FED) Vital Voices/Zivik – the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, Berlin
71 2009 Cameroun Market women 1.Union Traders of the Sundaga Market (AMA/UCOMAS) 2. Nkumu Fed Fed Vital Voices
72 2009 Kenya Women entrepreneurs 1. Ripe for Harvest 2. Empiris Vital Voices
73 2009 – 16 Kenya Maasai girls Kakenya Center of Excellence (KCE); Kakenya Center of Excellence Vital Voices
74 2009 Kenya Artisan women Umoja Village Community Center Vital Voices
75 2009 – 11 Burundi Women ex-combatants Survivor Corps Burundi (CEDAC) Survivor Corps
76 2009 – 11 Rwanda Genocidaires and their victims Survivor Corps Rwanda Survivor Corps
77 2009 Liberia Liberians threatened by environmental degradation Skills and Agricultural Development Services (SADS) n/a
78 2009 – Nepal Domestic slaves (kamlaris) Backward Society Education (BASE) Oslo University
79 2009 Namibia Victims of armed domestic violence Breaking the Wall of Silence International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)
80 2009 Nepal Victims of armed domestic violence South Asia Partnership International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)
81 2009 Uganda Victims of armed domestic violence Center for Conflict Resolution (CECORE) International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)
82 2009 Portugal Victims of armed domestic violence Center for Social Studies International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)
83 2009 Serbia Victims of armed domestic violence Center for Social Studies International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)
84 2009 Argentina Victims of armed domestic violence Victimology Society of Serbia International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)
85 2009 Canada Victims of armed domestic violence 1. Ploughshares Fund 2. Coalition for Gun Control International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)
86 2009 Colombia Victims of armed domestic violence Women’s Peace Collective, Cali International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA)
87 2009 – 11 Azerbaijan Azerbaijani Prisoners in Iran Association for Defense of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners in Iran (ADAPP) n/a
88 2010 Kenya Railway  people of Kibera Hakijamii Institute for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University
89 2010 Ghana Women entrepreneurs Eagle Women Empowerment Club Vital Voices
90 2010 Nigeria Women entrepreneurs Women’s Business (WIMBIZ) Vital Voices
91 2010 Cameroun Women entrepreneurs Cameroun Business Women’s Network Vital Voices
92 2010 Uganda Women entrepreneurs Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited (UWEAL) Vital Voices
93 2010 Kenya Women entrepreneurs Kenya Association of Women Business Owners Vital Voices
94 2011 – 14 France Roma women International Roman Women’s Network (IRWN) Council of Europe
95 2011 – 14 Uganda Pygmies/Batwa United Organization for Batwa in Uganda (UOBDU) n/a
96 2011 Uganda Victims of child sacrifice Gideon Foundation n/a
97 2011 Belize Mayan Indians The Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) n/a
98 2011 – 14 Uganda Women in the Kinawataka slum Kinawataka Women’s Initiatives n/a
99 2011 – 12 Kosovo Roma women Network of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Women’s Organizations of Kosovo n/a
100 2011 – 14 India Transgender people and tribal women in Gujarat Vikalp/Parma Community Justice Program, Georgetown University Law School
101 2012 Lithuania Roma women RCC n/a
102 2012 Morocco Women carpet weavers Ain Leuh cooperative n/a
103 2012 Rwanda Advocates Initiatives for Peace and Human Rights (IPHR) n/a
104 2012 – Bangladesh River Gypsies The Subornogram Foundation Sisters Choice Quilters, Falls Church, VA
105 2014 – 19 Mali Survivors of SGBV Sini Sanuman PM Fiber Arts Guild, Bethesda; UNICEF; German embassy in Bamako; Zivik (Berlin)
106 2014 – 18 Nepal Women with uterine prolapse Care Women Nepal n/a
107 2014 Nepal Domestic slaves (kamlaris) Social Welfare Association of Nepal Backward Society Education (Nepal)
108 2014 – 18 Nepal Child workers in the brick kilns Concern for Children and Environment Nepal (CONCERN) Bricks2books (US)
109 2015 – Nepal Wives of the disappeared Network of Families of the Disappeared Nepal (NEFAD) n/a
110 2015 – 22 Palestine Children and youth in Nablus Palestinian House of Friendship n/a
111 2016 – 19 Jordan Syrian and Iraqi women refugees Collateral Repair Project (CRP) n/a
112 2016 Greece Refugees from the Middle East Greek Forum of Refugees n/a
113 2016 – Kenya Pastoralists and their children Children Peace Initiative Kenya n/a
114 2017 Lebanon Conflict-affected communities in North Lebanon Peace Labs n/a
115 2018 – Zimbabwe Girls at risk from child marriage Women Advocacy Project Rockflower
116 2018 Greece Refugees on the island of Leros The Leros Solidarity Network (LSN) n/a
117 2018 Nigeria Schoolgirls at risk from SGBV WARIF (Women at Risk International Foundation) n/a
118 2018 – 19 Nepal Domestic slaves (Kamlaris) FKDF (Freed Kamlari Development Forum) n/a
119 2019 – Nepal Girls and women forced into menstrual banishment CAED n/a
120 2020 – 22 Uganda Women with disability in Gulu District Mama Cave GDPU (Uganda)
121 2020 – Uganda Persons with disability Clean Wash soap collective GDPU (Uganda)
122 2020 – Mali Women displaced by conflict Moussou Kalanso n/a
123 2020 – Nepal Family members of the disappeared Bardiya cooperative NEFAD (Nepal)
124 2020 – Kenya Women in the Kibera settlement Tandaza Trust n/a
125 2021 – Kenya Women in the Kangemi settlement Kangemi Advocacy Self-Help Group n/a
126 2021 – Uganda Persons with disability in Gulu district HIVE GDPU (Uganda)
127 2021 – Uganda Survivors of forced marriage and pregnancy in Gulu district Women in Action for Women n/a
128 2021 Senegal Families of returned and missing migrants OPEN SARL (Mouvement Jeunesse Nouvelle Vision) n/a
129 2021 Senegal Returned migrants Naatal Sendou Développer Sendou n/a
130 2021 Liberia Survivors of Ebola National Ebola Survivors Network of Liberia n/a
131 2021 – Kenya Mothers and children with albinism Albinism Society of Kenya n/a
132 2021 – 22 Nepal Women and girls Global South Coalition for Dignified Menstruation n/a
133 2021 – US High school students in Arlington VA during COVID Girl Up club at Wakefield High School Partner with WAP (Zimbabwe)
134 2021 – US High school students in Atlanta, GA VIBHA, South Forsyth High School, Atlanta Partner with WAP (Zimbabwe)
135 2021- 22 US Afghan refugees in the US Volunteer teams (Alimi family and others) n/a
136 2021 – US Art patrons in Wilmington NC Cameron Art Museum n/a
137 2022 – Kenya Single mothers and families with albinism in Kibera Shield of Faith n/a
138 2022 – India Tribal people in Odisha State Jeevan Rekha Parisad (JRP) (“Lifeline”) n/a
139 2023 – US High school students in Pennsylvania Green Club of Lower Merion High School, Ardmore Mother Compost
140 2023 – US Embroidery artists in the Global South Southern Stitchers n/a
141 2023 – US Environmentalists in Rhode Island state Clean Ocean Access n/a