AP has produced an enormous amount of content since 1998 and this material is now being transferred to our site in the form of past blogs, newsletters, photos, blogs and videos. All are available for use, free of charge, although we would appreciate an acknowledgment. We want this content to be available as widely as possible, particularly to partners.

Jeremiah with one of AP’s partners. Jeremiah had to deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic during his 2021 fellowship.

Blogs are archived under Peace Fellows, by year and then author. Each fellow’s blogs are an important record of the host organization and for AP. Our fellows are able to profile the work of their hosts, provide AP with raw material for news bulletins, reach friends and family, and produce an account of their summer’s work. Finally, blogs provide an outlet for fellows to reflect and manage some difficult situations, such as when Jeremiah, a Peace Fellow, had to work with the added challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

AP blogs have also provoked an intense online debate through the years. Our most controversial blogger was Elizabeth Mandelman, a Peace Fellow who spent the summer of 2009 supporting the Canadian campaign to control guns. Elizabeth’s blogs attracted 452 comments, most of them highly critical.

Also in these archives, visitors will find back issues of On The Record, an online newsletter that was our main publication between 1998 and 2003. Each series of On the Record comprised several issues and these are posted as PDFs.

Third, these pages carry back issues of news bulletins which replaced On the Record in 2003 to better reflect the newsworthiness of partner campaigns. The material for bulletins is collected in the field by AP visits or peace Fellows. Bulletins are then edited at AP in Washington and sent out to our listserv, which contains 6,800 names (2015). Contact us to subscribe.

Many of our partnerships and Peace Fellows have produced strong photos. Our Flickr library now contains over 10,000 photos, organized into sets according to the partner and Peace Fellow. This page provides a short-cut for visitors. Our videos are organized in a similar manner on our YouTube page. We began to produce videos on the work of partners in 2004, and each partner now has a playlist. Our YouTube library now contains 450 films. By the end of 2013, they had attracted 397,007 views.

We welcome your feedback, questions, comments, and offers of assistance. Also, we would like to know how you use our material so please let us know.

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