On the Record

Between 1998 and 2003, AP profiled the campaigns of our civil society partners through an online newsletter, On the Record. In our first series, On the Record for a Criminal Court (1998), we reported on the successful campaign by the NGO Coalition for an International Criminal Court at the 1998 conference in Rome. Over the years that followed, we produced fifteen series – each comprising several newsletters. These are archived below. On the Record marked one of the first times that IT was used as a tool of human rights advocacy, and continues to draw praise and inquiries. In 2003, we switched from the format of On the Record to that of a shorter news bulletin, which we still publish today and which can be found in our News Bulletins.  The photo below shows victims of the notorious massacre at Srebrenica, in Bosnia, and was taken at a protest by relatives of those who died. Check out our Archives for our coverage of the relatives’ early campaign in On the Record.


The Creation of the International Criminal Court [1998]

Human Rights Defenders [1998]

On The Record for Refugees [1998]

Civil Society in Central America Reacts to Hurricane Mitch [1999]

Returning Refugees to Bosnia [1999-2000]

Civil Society and the Tribunal in Cambodia [2000]

Nigerian NGOs Confront the Trafficking of Girls to Italy [2000] 

The Rio Negro Massacres in Guatemala [2000]

Palestinian Civil Society During the Second Intifada [2001]

The UN Special Session on Children [2001-2002]

Youth and HIV/AIDS in Africa [2001-2002]

Civil Society in Kosovo [1999-2002]

Global Movement for Children [2002]

Afghan Diaries [2003]

Srebrenica Dispatches [2000-2008]