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2020 Publications

Help Us to Strengthen International Service During the Pandemic   December 1, 2020

Every Day is Election Day   November 16, 2020

Hail To The Nineteenth!   October 27, 2020

Unemployment, Infection Threaten Migrants Returning to Nepal   October 20, 2020

Nobel Peace Prize Lifts Morale of Aid Workers   October 13, 2020

Forever Haunted by the Disappeared  September 15, 2020

Summer News Digest – Supporting Community Leaders During COVID-19  July 30, 2020

Mask of Empowerment  July 20, 2020

Remote Advocacy Produces A Local Breakthrough for Conflict Survivors in Nepal  July 13, 2020

In Appreciation of Our Malian Sister Artists  July 2, 2020

Last Chance to Bid for a Sister Artists Quilt! June 26, 2020

Refugees, Resettlement and Racism  June 22, 2020

Sister Artists Quilt Auction Begins on Monday!  June 12, 2020

Pandemic Weakens Legal Protections for Victims of Domestic Abuse in the U.S.  June 8, 2020

Brighten Your Life With An Art Quilt From Africa!  June 1, 2020

Mama Masks Make a Splash in Uganda, May 18, 2020

Soap Dreams Help Girls in Zimbabwe and the US to Survive the COVID-19 Lockdown, May 11, 2020

A Community Teacher Chafes At Distance Learning, Pines For Her Students, May 4, 2020

US Agencies Struggle to Protect Resettled Refugees Against COVID-19, April 23, 2020

Investing in Community Leaders as Africa Braces for COVID-19, April 2, 2020

Meet Evelyn, Zimbabwe Soap Star, March 8, 2020

Quilting Unites Sister Artists in Mali and the US, February 19, 2020












2009 Publications

New report Finds That Informal Recycling in Delhi Reduces CO2 by 962,133 Tons  December 14, 2009

Gulu Councils Vote to Make Services Available to War-disabled in Northern Uganda November 25, 2009

Relatives of Peru’s Disappeared Win a Place at the Political Table November 9, 2009

Kenyan Police Ignore Attack on Pioneering Women’s Village August 19, 2009

Community Justice Thrives in the Villages of Eastern Congo August 6, 2009

Kosovo-Serb Women Shake Up Civil Society with New Network July 24, 2009

Appointment of New Labor Judges Promises Justice for Palestinian Workers July 24, 2009

Women from Serbia and Bosnia Find Common Ground at Srebrenica Gravesite July 17, 2009

Minorities Disillusioned by Iran’s Democracy Movement July 7, 2009

Volunteer Brings Students in Washington Face-to-Face with Kenyan Poverty June 26, 2009

New Women’s Network Seeks to End Gun Violence in the Home June 18, 2009

Alternative Fuel Saves Money and Trees in War-torn Congo June 10, 2009

45 Peace Fellows to Support Community Advocates in 26 Countries  June 3, 2009

Afghan Women Secure Presidential Pledge to Amend ‘Marital Rape’ Law  May 5, 2009

UN Backs the Dale Farm Travelers in Their Fight Against Eviction  April 29, 2009

Survivors Say ‘Never Again’ to Genocide, Call for Darfur Resolution  April 24, 2009

Forensic Evidence Helps to Win Fujimori Conviction in Peru  April 9, 2009

Dalit “Witches” Face Extreme Violence in Nepal’s Villages  April 3, 2009

Washington Honors Advocates for Girls in Afghanistan and Women in the Congo  April 1, 2009

Srebrenica Memorial Quilt Visits US, Puts a Human Face on the Massacre  March 24, 2009

Israeli Group Calls for Gaza Investigation at Launch of New AP University Chapter  March 13, 2009

Hip Hop Takes Center Stage in the Struggle to Overcome Disability in Uganda  March 4, 2009

Girls’ Education Key to Rebuilding Afghanistan, Advocate Says  February 2, 2009

Inter-Caste Marriages in Nepal Face Violence and Intimidation  February 12, 2009

January’s Top Stories  January 30, 2009


2008 Publications

Israeli and Palestinian Civil Society Condemns Israeli “War Crimes” in Gaza  December 30, 2008

December’s Top Stories  December 23, 2008

Dale Farm Travellers Face Racism and Prejudice as Court Mulls Appeal  December 19, 2008

Anger in Kosovo as UN “Muzzles” Civil Society Leader at Democracy Conference  December 12, 2008

Obama’s Moment on Human Rights: The US Should Make Joining the UN Human Rights Council a Priority  December 10, 2008

Guns Kill Women at Home, Trigger Global Protest  December 8, 2008

New Campaign by Nepali Women Targets Scourge of Uterine Prolapse  December 2, 2008

November’s Top Stories  November 28, 2008

Breakthrough Accord Promises Reparations for Guatemala Massacre Survivors  November 25, 2008

Kosovo Civil Society Protests Increased Serbian Influence  November 24, 2008

Environmental Activists Expose Dangers of E-Waste  November 14, 2008

Environmentalist Preaches Conservation as Chaos Engulfs Eastern Congo  November 4, 2008

October’s Top Stories  October 30, 2008

Former UN Representative and Nepal Specialist Join the Advocacy Project Board  October 27, 2008

Blogging Connects Women Across the World  October 21, 2008

Salvadoran Women Urge Government to Shun Ortega  October 9, 2008

Traveller Community Center at Dale Farm Threatened by Demolition as Eviction Threat Resurfaces  September 26, 2008

Disabled Refugees Face Inaccessible Service and Food Shortages in Ugandan Camps  September 22, 2008

Landmine Survivors Push Vietnam to Adopt Cluster Bomb Ban  August 28, 2008

Disabled Villagers Become Savvy Investors in Rural Bangladesh  August 26, 2008

Young Kenyans at Risk Speak Out Through Blogs and Photos  August 12, 2008

Patient Advocacy Frees 96 Slaves in Democratic Republic of Congo  August 15, 2008

Israelis and Palestinians Condemn Israeli Crackdown in Ni’lin  August 6, 2008

Women Advocates Place Gender and Guns on the UN’s Agenda  July 23, 2008

Women’s Rights Advocates in Bosnia and Serbia Hail the Arrest of Radovan Karadzic  July 22, 2008

Grieving Relatives Seek Closure as University Massacre Victims are Reburied in Peru  July 18, 2008

Srebrenica Memorial Quilt Visits US Capitol as Massacre Victims are Reburied in Bosnia  July 14, 2008

True Love Collides With Caste Discrimination in Nepal’s Villages  July 9, 2008

Survivor Corps and AP Launch Program in Burundi, Rwanda and Northern Uganda  June 30, 2008

Wastepicker Children Face Discrimination From Private School in India  June 20, 2008

Justice is Bittersweet as Killers are Sentenced for 1982 Massacre in Guatemala  June 16, 2008

Women on the March as Global Action Week Targets Gun Violence  June 6, 2008

Relatives Seek Justice as Peru’s Largest Mass Grave is Exhumed  June 4, 2008

34 Peace Fellows to Tackle Landmines, Gun Violence and Injustice in 21 Countries  May 26, 2008

Israeli-Palestinian Advocacy Group Protests Detention of Palestinian Activist  May 23, 2008

Forensic Team Seeks to Exhume 120 Victims of Peru’s Dirty War  May 20, 2008

Britain’s High Court Lifts Threat of Eviction From the Dale Farm Travellers  May 13, 2008

Defiant Travellers Open Community Center as Britain’s High Court Prepares to Rule on their Eviction  May 5, 2008

Nepal Women and Dalit Ride Into Parliament on Maoist Coattails  April 23, 2008

Women, Dalit Seek Change From Historic Elections in Nepal  April 9, 2008

The Washington Post Features AP’s Coverage of the Dale Farm Eviction Crisis  March 12, 2008

Serbian Government Bans Peace March Commemorating International Women’s Day Amidst Kosovo Backlash  March 10, 2008

Advocates Use Tact and Persuasion to Free Enslaved Pygmies in Eastern Congo  March 5, 2008

Dale Farm Eviction Crisis Reaches the British High Court  February 18, 2008

Advocates on Wheels Take Their Campaign Against Disappearances to the Nepal Countryside  Janury 21, 2008

Holiday Appeal Exceeds Target, Helps to Raise $15,550 for Survivors  Janury 18, 2008

2007 Round-Up: AP Partners Struggle For Social Justice on Five Continents  January 2, 2008


2007 Publications

Dale Farm Travellers Win Key Concession as Eviction Deadline Approaches  December 11, 2007

Malaysian Eco-Baskets Promote Social Justice in Washington  December 5, 2007

Rural Radio Promotes Democracy in Nepal Amidst Continuing Uncertainty Over Elections  November 7, 2007

Advocates for Women’s Rights in Serbia Face Intimidation and Hate Crimes  October 11, 2007

Forensic Team Tracks Disappeared Peruvians as Fujimori Returns to Face Justice  October 2, 2007

NATO Provincial Reconstruction Teams Need a Gender Policy, Say Afghan Advocates September 6, 2007

Guatemalan Massacre Survivors Struggle to Rebury Their Dead and Pursue Justice  August 27, 2007

150 Palestinian Youth From Throughout West Bank and Israel Participate in Extraordinary Summer Camp Organized by AIC, UHWC  August 8, 2007

Glue-Sniffing Ruins Young Lives in Nairobi  August 17, 2007

Dalit Journalists Expose Caste Discrimination in Nepal’s Villages as National Dalit Protests Escalate  August 14, 2007

New Publication Profiles the Needs and Courage of the Torture Survivors in Sri Lanka  August 6, 2007

600,000 Nepalese Women Suffer the Pain and Humiliation of Uterine Prolapse  August 1, 2007

Independent Palestinian Unions Establish New Coalition in Drive for Worker Democracy  July 31, 2007

Roma Women Advocates Denounce ‘Racist’ Roma Beauty Pageant  July 26, 2007

Advocates for the Blind Bring Vision to Impoverished Bangladesh  July 19, 2007

Torture Remains Widespread in Democratic Nepal, Warn Advocates  July 13, 2007

Srebrenica Memorial Quilt Unites Massacre Survivors in Bosnia and America  July 10, 2007

Srebrenica Massacre Memorial Quilt to be Launched in St. Louis  July 8, 2007

Success for Traveler Advocacy in UK as Eviction Threat Lifts at Dale Farm  July 9, 2007

African Governments “Block” Indigenous Rights Declaration, Charge Advocates  July 3, 2007

Palestinian Workers Call for Reforms in European Emergency Aid Program  June 29, 2007

Nepalese Dalit Break With the Government and Demand 20 Percent Share of New Assembly Seats  June 26, 2007

Advocates Launch Campaign to Protect Women Human Rights Defenders in Serbia  June 21, 2007

Afghan Women Demand a Halt to Intimidation and Murder  June 20, 2007

Peace Fellows Find that Palestinians Show Resilience and Courage in Their Darkest Hour  June 20, 2007

Nigerian Survivor of Trafficking Brings on Tears in Turin  June 14, 2007

AP Peace Fellow Brings Out British Prejudice Against Irish Travelers  June 11, 2007

Sri Lanka Advocacy Group Condemns Tamil Expulsions, Red Cross Murders  June 8, 2007

31 Peace Fellows to Volunteer With Community Advocates in 18 Countries  May 29, 2007

Israeli-Palestinian Group Welcomes Release of Colleague from Israeli Detention  May 21, 2007

Washington Students Join Forces With Professional Women to Fights African Trafficking  May 4, 2007

Srebrenica Survivors Condemn Court Rulings and Insist on Serbia’s Role in 1995 Massacre  April 12, 2007

Palestinian Red Crescent Punishes Striking Workers, Charges Labor Advocacy Group  April 23, 2007

Women From the Balkans Demand a UN Meeting and a Say in Kosovo’s Future  April 25, 2007

Nigerian Diaspora Raises the Alarm as Trafficked Victim Faces Deportation From Texas  April 3, 2007

Nepalis Abroad Demand the Rights to Vote in June Elections  March 12, 2007

Palestinian Workers Claim Their Rights in Gaza Amidst Violence and Political Chaos  March 29, 2007

Kosova Women’s Network Declares War on Breast Cancer  March 8, 2007

Urban Sprawl Trumps Minority Housing Rights in UK as Dale Farm Travelers Again Face Eviction  March 2, 2007

Serbian Press Seeks Jail for Women Peace Activists Who Advocate Independence for Kosovo  February 21, 2007

Rights Advocacy Flourishes in Palestinian Communities, Says New Report  February 12, 2007

Women in Black Criticizes Serbian Politicians and Rejects a Nationalist Solution to the Kosovo Crisis  February 7, 2007

The West’s Aid Embargo Undermines the Campaign for Palestinian Women’s Rights  February 1, 2007


2006 Publications

Traveler Evictions in the UK are ‘Hazardous to Environment and Children’s Health’ Claims Advocates  November 1, 2006

New Survey Finds Roma Parents Enthusiastic About Secondary Education in the Czech Republic  October 19 2006

Liechtenstein Government Pledges $20,000 to Train 60 Afghan Teachers and Support Girls’ Education  October 12, 2006

Afghan Women Denounce ‘UN-Islamic’ Attacks Against Women and Launch 13-Point Plan to Improve Security in Afghanistan  October 5, 2006

Afghan Women’s Network Deplores Murder of Prominent Women’s Advocate and Expresses Resolve  October 1, 2006

Human Rights Group in Sri Lanka Accuses Government and Rebels of More Than 1,000 Extrajudicial Killings  September 29, 2006

Leading Women Advocates Campaign Against Re- Establishing Notorious Afghan Vice and Virtue Department  September 22, 2006

Protest Rally in Nepal Follows Beating of 60 Dalit Trying to Worship in a Hindu Temple  September 21, 2006

Technology Helps Disadvantaged Malaysian Women to Fights Discrimination and Work From Home  September 19, 2006

Dalit Diaspora Calls for 20 Percent Dalit Representation in New Nepal Government  September 1, 2006

Dalit Advocacy in Nepal Spurs the UN to Investigate Discriminations at the Water Pump  August 7, 2006

New Regional Women’s Peace Lobby Calls for Speedy Vote in Kosovo  August 4, 2006

New Israeli Barrier Seeks to Circumvent Supreme Court Ruling, Claim Advocates  July 31, 2006

AP Interns Delve Deeper Into Local Cultures  July 20, 2006

Home for Human Rights Helps Families Identify Headless Bodies in Sri Lanka  July 20, 2006

Srebrenica Weavers Mark Massacre Anniversary With Grief and a New Sponsorship Program  July 10, 2006

Sri Lanka Army Accused of New Disappearances as The Government Endorses New UN Disappearances Treaty  July 5, 2006

Disadvantaged Malaysian Women Use Eco-Baskets to Take Their Message to The World  June 27, 2006

US State Department Ignores Trafficking to the Unites States, Say Nigerian Anti-Trafficking Advocates  June 20, 2006

Nepal Maoists Accused of Beating Dalit Women to Force Them Out of Prostitution  June 16, 2006

Roma Advocates Sue Danish Red Cross, Claim That Detention of Asylum Seekers Violates UN Torture Convention  June 12, 2006

Serbian and Kosovar Women Call for an End to “Religious Ownership” of Kosovo’s Churches and Mosques  June 6, 2006

18 North American Students to Intern With Civil Society in 14 Countries  May 24, 2006

Palestinian Unions Criticize “Blackmail” by Donors and Call on Hamas to Protect Worker Benefits  May 3, 2006

Death in Nepal – A Human Rights Monitor Blogs From the Frontlines  April 24, 2006

The West’s Strategy in Palestine Will Weaken Civil Society  April 18, 2006

Human Rights Monitor Beaten and Disabled People Detained as Nepalese Regime Seeks to Suppress Democracy Protests  April 7, 2006

US Must Join Rights Council and Change Detention Policies  March 27, 2006

Russian Roma Face Eviction in the Artic as Eviction “Epidemic” Spreads in Europe  March 23, 2006

Kosovar Women Call for Inclusion in Peace Process  March 8, 2006

Tsunami Relief Seeks to Reach Women in Sri Lanka as Violence Grows  January 24, 2006

Dalit Women Accused of Witchcraft, Forced to Eat Excrement  January 19, 2006

Mass Arrests As Nepal Slips Back Into Repression and Violence  January 19, 2006


2005 Publications

Learning Partners Links Schools in Afghanistan and the US  December 15, 2005

World Leaders and Outraged Individuals Support AP Campaign  December 5, 2005

Advocacy Project ‘Among the Best Small Charities in Washington,’ Says New Philanthropic Group  November 17, 2005

Interns Brief Ambassadors on the Needs of Civil Society in Their Countries  November 10, 2005

Dalit Advocates Fight Prejudice and Superstition in Villages of Nepal  October 27, 2005

Networking Helps Srebrenica Weavers Win Their First Major International Order for Carpets  October 14, 2005

Discrimination, Displacement and Determination Mark Sri Lanka’s Tsunami Relief Effort  September 29, 2005

New Advocacy Group Empowers Women Election Candidates in Afghanistan  September 16, 2005

Italian Group Uses ‘Street Units’ to Protect Victims of Sex Trafficking  August 24, 2005

Arson Fails to Dampen Enthusiasm for Girls Education in Remote Afghanistan  August 1, 2005

Travelers Face Eviction Despite Intervention  July 29, 2005

Showdown Looms as Advocates Seek to Avert Violent Eviction of 600 Travelers in the UK  July 13, 2005

7,900 People From 90 Countries Demand Arrest of Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic  July 7, 2005

Uganda and UN Deny Assistance to Urban Refugees in Kampala, Charges Ugandan Advocacy Group   June 27, 2005

Gun, Drugs, and “Zero Tolerance” Spur Organized Armed Violence By Children in 10 Countries, Warns New Study June 14, 2005

First Phase Completed for Tsunami Relief Project June 1, 2005

Women Advocates Call on Afghan Religious Leaders to Condemn Violence Against Women in The Name Of Islam  May 23, 2005

Arrest The Srebrenica Killers  May 6, 2005

Weaving Center in Srebrenica Brings Hope and Income as Tenth Massacre Anniversary Approaches  April 28, 2005

Death Squad Warning as Repression in Nepal Deepens  April 25, 2005

Prominent Nepali Peace Activist Conducts Speaking Tour in US  April 18, 2005

English Gypsy Women Warn of Possible “Deaths” from Forcible Evictions, and Appeal for International Mediation  April 8, 2005

Sarayaku Indians to Confront Ecuador Over Oil Exploration at Inter-American Human Rights Hearing   March 24, 2005

Experiment in Community Education Puts 554 Afghan Girls in School   March 10, 2005

200 Nepalese Activists Flee to India As Emergency Deepens in Nepal   February 14, 2005

Community Relief Effort in Sri Lanka Uses Tsunami Disaster to Build a New Life for Victims of Discriminations  January 24, 2005

AP’s Partner in Sri Lanka Launches Appeal for Tsunami Victims  January 6, 2005

World Bank Asked to Intervene Following Arrest Of Guatemalan Community Leader  January 25, 2005

Roma Evictions Erupt Across Europe as New ‘Decade’ Seeks to End Discrimination   January 31, 2005



2003 Publications

Israel’s Security Fence Will Violate Palestinian Rights and Weaken Israel’s Security, Argues Israeli Human Rights Group  November 6, 2003

Roma Women Challenge European Governments Over Health Crisis, Call for Special Conference on Sterilization  September 11, 2003

Candlelight Protest in Nepal Kicks Off National Campaign to Protest 3,000 Disappearances  August 26, 2003

Afghan Women Call for Improved Security as Violence Surges  August 15, 2003

AP’s Innovative Use of It Profiled in Prominent Online Publications  June 21, 2003

US Global Trafficking Review Favors Government and Ignores Civil Society Charge Advocates in Italy and Nigeria  July, 2003

Civil Society in Srebrenica Posts Two New Websites and Attracts  200 Visitors to Rug Exhibition in Baltimore  June, 2003

Srebrenica’s Resurgent Civil Society Launches Campaign For New Center and Posts New Website June, 2003

New Poll Reveals That Majority of Palestinians and Israelis Share a Desire For Peace and Security June 21, 2003

Eye-Witness Reports from the Middle East and the War Against Trafficking Feature in Launch of AP Internship Program  June, 2003

The Women of Kosovo and Afghanistan Urge Iraqi Women to ‘Organize and Raise Their Voice’ During Reconstruction  May, 2003

Srebrenica Survivors Bury Their Dead and Demand Justice  April 10, 2003

Palestinian Civil Society is Hurt by NGO Funding Scandal  April, 2003

The International Roma Women’s Network is Launched  March 8, 2003

Afghan Women’s Network Calls for Sweeping Constitutional Changes to Improve Women’s Rights, Unveils New website  March 6, 2003

The World Bank Calls For a New Approach to Consultations with Civil Society, Defends its Human Rights Record  February 26, 2003