Technical Support

AP offers a number of services that address the needs of our community-based partners and are designed with partners. Most of these services are offered through Peace Fellows who are chosen for their professional experience and skills, particularly in IT and social media. For more on our 2019 fellowship program visit this page. 

Our hope is that our support will strengthen partner organizations and help them build startups and programs that will eventually produce social change. We consider this to be different from conventional “capacity-building” which is often patronizing and resented. Instead, we ask the partner to select the services they want and ask their Fellows to work with them to produce important deliverables such as proposals, annual reports, a record of receipts, budgets, plans and reports. All of this will have the effect of strengthening their organizations.

This support is offered in a spirit of reciprocity. We expect AP to grow stronger from partnerships and ask partners to evaluate our capacity at the end of each year.

Service 1. Design or support a start-up for social change

Our experience has shown that AP (staff and Peace Fellows) can help partners to identify program/campaign opportunities that may not be apparent or available locally. This often begins with Peace Fellows. we have helped partners in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bosnia, DRC, Mali, Nepal and Uganda to design innovative long-term programs for social justice. All Fellows are asked to help their hosts to jump start or manage a program. AP may be able to support these programs beyond the initial ten weeks if asked by the partner.

Service 2. Tell the partner’s story

Quality photos that partners can use in their advocacy. We produce high-quality photos about the work of partners and post an online photo library on our Flickr pages. (10 weeks – all Fellows)

Video. We have produced more than 500 videos and each partner has a dedicated page on our YouTube channel, accessed through this page. This service is limited to partners that expressly request it and requires specialist skills.

A personal profile of the partner’s work. Peace Fellows are asked to produce one blog a week. While these are mainly intended for the Fellow’s personal network, they also provide content for their partner and our news service. (10 weeks – all Fellows) The blogs can be accessed through this page

Partner pages on the AP website. All current partners have, or will shortly have their own partner page.

News bulletins. We produce at least one news bulletin on the work of each partner every year. These go out to a listserv of 7,000 and are widely picked up. They can be accessed through this page.

Advocacy quilts. All Fellows are trained to help their hosts produce squares for an advocacy quilt. This service is limited to partners that expressly request it, but it can be completed within 10 weeks. AP also uses advocacy quilts to promote the work of partners that produced the quilts on a year-round basis. In 2017, we will launch an artist fund, designed to generate income for the individuals who produced squares for quilts. They can be accessed through this page.

Service 3. Strengthen the partner organization

•Strategic Plan. An Annual Report OR Strategic Plan that can raise the partner’s credibility with donors and provide organizational focus. (10 weeks, all Fellows)

•Monitoring and Evaluation. Fellows and AP staff train one or more designated staff-members from the partner organization in basic M and E, thus enabling them to fulfill their reporting requirements to donors. (10 weeks, all Fellows)

•Collecting and Registering Receipts. Essential for fulfilling the requirements of donors. (10 weeks, all Fellows)

Service 4. Use IT and social media

•Websites: Fellows help their host to design and post a new website, or update an existing website, using WordPress. The Fellow also trains a staff member from the host organization to create content. (10 weeks, all Fellows)

•Social media: Fellows help their hosts develop the social media platforms that are widely used in the region. These could include Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Instagram. The Fellow helps prepare a “how to” booklet on the use of social media in campaigns. (10 weeks, all Fellows)

Service 5. Fundraising

•Funding: Fellows try to raise at least $250 through a crowdfunding page for the program they are working on, and train a staffer from the host organization to raise money through crowdfunding. (10 weeks, all Fellows) AP also raised funds for long-term programs, working with partners.

•Proposal template: Fellows draft a proposal template that can be adapted to the specific requirements of different donors. (10 weeks, all Fellows)

Service 6. International Promotion

•Promotion:  We use our network to promote the work of our partners with international agencies and embassies in their countries, and internationally. Where possible, we combine this with an exhibition of advocacy quilts that were made by the partner’s stakeholders.