The COVID Stitch

In March 2020, The Advocacy Project invited partner organizations in Nepal, the US, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and Bangladesh to describe the impact of COVID-19 on their lives through embroidery. The invitation inspired 207 individuals, almost all of them women and girls, to tell their stories through 218 blocks. The blocks were dispatched to talented quilters as their reached us and by the end of 2022 they had been assembled into the 12 quilts shown on these pages. Since then, we have also produced an accompanying catalogue, The COVID Stitch, which contains profiles of each artist and design. We hope to exhibit the quilts widely over the months to come, starting with an exhibition on October 12-23 at The George Washington University Museum and the Textile Museum in Washington DC. To order a catalogue, donate $35 (includes postage) through the DONATE button on our home page and email Bobbi Fitzsimmons – Bfitzsimmons@advocacynet – with a mailing address. Email us to exhibit the COVID quilts or to participate in a future quilting/embroidery project. We rely on volunteers!