2018 Fellows 

This year The Advocacy Project is sending ten Peace Fellows to work with partner organizations in Vietnam, Nepal, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Jordan. From the left: Marcela, Alex, Michelle, Colleen, Teresa, Lindsey, Caroline, Lara, Komal, and Chris. Click on the photos below to read and comment on blogs.




Chris Markomanolakis 

Fellow for GDPU, Uganda

University of Maryland

Colleen headshot 

Colleen Denny 

Fellow for CPI, Kenya

Johns Hopkins University

Watch a video filmed by Colleen here!

Lindsey Headshot 

Lindsey Killett 

Fellow for CWN, Nepal

New York University

Watch a video filmed by Lindsey here!

Komal Thakkar 

Komal Thakkar 

Fellow for NEFAD, Nepal

Tufts University

Watch a video filmed by Komal here!

Marcela Headshot 

Marcela De Campos 

Fellow for AEPD, Vietnam

University of Maryland


Caroline Armstrong Hall

Fellow for CAED, Nepal

Tufts University



Teresa Perosa 

Fellow for CRP, Jordan

Columbia University


Lara headshot2-2 

Lara Cerosky 

Fellow for CONCERN, Nepal

Sciences Po


Alex Kotowski 

Fellow for WAP, Zimbabwe

Columbia University


Michelle Nyaga 

Fellow for BASE, Nepal

Columbia University