Srebrenica Dispatches (2000-2008)

Between 2000 and 2003, AP staff writer Peter Lippman produced a series of dispatches for AP’s online newsletter On the Record about the courageous efforts of Bosnian Muslims to return home after the war. This series focuses on Srebrenica and opens with a description of the 1995 massacre. Iain Guest from AP visited Bosnia in 2004 and picked up the story with blogs that described the precarious situation of the returnees and international efforts to bring the perpetrators of the massacre to justice. Iain returned in 2008 on the anniversary of the massacre. His blogs can be found in postings 16 and 17 below. This page should be read in conjunction with the BOSFAM partner pages.

Issue #1, July 11, 2000 Srebrenica Five Years On

Issue #2, September 10, 2000 Prelude to the Massacremap of Bosnia 200x199

Issue #3, September 12, 2000 Recalling the Massacre

Issue #4, September 17, 2000First Returns

Issue #5, September 21, 2000 The Outcast Serbs of Srebrenica

Issue #6, September 24, 2000 The Road to Sućeska

Issue #7, July 2002 Srebrenica Town

Issue #8, December 2002 The Challenge of Recovery

Issue #9, May 10, 2003 Remembering Nasir Orić

Issue #10, May 25, 2003 Activism and Reconstruction

Issue #11, June 1, 2003 War Criminals and a Summer Festival

Issue #12, June 15, 2003 Mass Graves and War Criminals

Issue #13, June 2003 Zulfo’s Story

Issue #14, June 2003 The NGOs of Srebrenica Pt. 1

Issue #15, June 2003 The NGOs of Srebrenica Pt. 2

Issue #16, June 2004 The Blogs of Iain Guest 1

Issue #17, July 2008 The Blogs of Iain Guest 2

Every July 11, the remains of those who died during the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, and were identified in the previous 12 months are re-buried at a solemn ceremony at Potocari, scene of the massacre. BOSFAM members have re-buried scores of family members since the Potocari cemetery opened in 2003. One of those re-buried in 2012 was 17-year-old Alem Paric, the nephew of Beba Hadzic, BOSFAM’s founder. This video of Alem’s re-burial was taken by Peace Fellow Claire Noone.


For information on the quilts made by our partner, BOSFAM, in commemoration of the victims of the massacre, click here.