Taking Action for Social Justice

The Advocacy Project helps partners to take concrete steps to address their dis-empowerment. Most need no urging because to them advocacy means action. AP currently supports campaigns in Kenya, Mali, Nepal, Uganda, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

Vision and History

The campaigns supported by AP have included a pioneering program by the Oruj Learning Center to bring girls’ education to a remote valley in Wardak Province, Afghanistan. AP’s Mary Moore helped Sadiqa Basiri to launch the program in 2002 and opened the way for AP to support Sadiqa over the next 5 years.

Startups for social change

AP has helped several partners to launch innovative programs, which begin as startups. Our latest startup will help Children Peace Initiative Kenya (CPIK) work through children to promote peace between warring pastoralists in Barigoi sub-county, northwest Kenya. CPIK’s interventions have helped to end fighting between the Pokot and Samburu herders (photo).

Peace Fellows and Innovation

Many of our startups have been inspired by Peace Fellows like Simon Klantschi (2010) who helped AP to understand the courage of survivors of Agent Orange in Vietnam. He is seen here with Nguyen Thi My Hue who was training to become an opera singer. Impressed by the work of Simon and other Fellows, we helped our Vietnamese partner, AEPD, to launch a startup for Agent Orange caregivers in 2015.

Producing Social Change

Our hope is that startups can lay the foundation for social change within five years. Sini Sanuman and AP launched a startup in Mali 2014 to support survivors of GBV by training them to make soap (Sini Savon). This has developed into a program that works with over 200 women’s groups to mobilize communities in support of all vulnerable women in slum areas.


“Thanks a lot for encouraging our team. It’s very inspiring that we both believe so much in small change. Your solidarity gives us strength.” Ram Bhandari, founder and director of the Network of Families of the Disappeared in Nepal (NEFAD), an AP partner since 2015.