Global Movement for Children (2002)

The Global Movement for Children was launched by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on April 26, 2002 with a rallying call to the world’s inhabitants to “Say Yes” for children. The aim was to mobilize support for young people in the run-up to the Special Session of the UN General Assembly on Children. People were asked to pledge support for ten principles that protect the rights and well being of children, and vote on the three they considered most urgent. During 2002, more than 57 million people signed on to the Global Movement.

In January 2002, AP was commissioned by the Global Movement to profile the work of advocates for child rights in India. AP asked Anaga Dalal, an experienced reporter who worked for On the Record for Children, to take on the assignment. Her eeports were posted online and are reproduced in these pages.

Issue #1: Children in India

Issue #2: Educating Ajay

Issue #3: Education in the Slums

Issue #4: When Prostitutes Go to Jail…

Issue #5: The Girl Child

Issue #6: Informal Work

Issue #7: Child Labour

Issue #8: Sexual Exploitation

Issue #9: Putting Child Rights into Action

Issue #10: Competing with Bollywood

Issue #11: When Children Take Control

Issue #13: Protecting Children from War

Issue #14: Lobbying by Children

Issue #16: Listening to Children