2018 Fellowships

Our Fellows Will Help Launch a Start-Up for Social Change!

Peace Fellows play a key role in helping their hosts to develop innovative pilot projects that will eventually remove a root cause of marginalization and benefit the entire society. In 2017, Peace Fellows raised $31,375 for AP-supported start-ups, and eased the pressure on 11,892 individuals and family members.

Fellowship #1 – Accessible sanitation for schools in northern Uganda

Help the Gulu Disabled Persons Union to build an accessible toilet for students with disability in northern Uganda. Based in Gulu town, Uganda.

Fellowship #2 – Conflict resolution between pastoralists in northwest Kenya

Help Children Peace Initiative Kenya to end conflict between Samburu and Turkana pastoralists in Samburu County. Based in Nairobi and Maralal, Kenya.

Fellowship #3 – Reproductive health care in eastern Nepal

Help Care Women Nepal (CWN) to organize a health camp for women with prolapse in Dhankuta district. Based in Kathmandu and Dhankuta district, Nepal.

Fellowship #4 – Support for wives of the disappeared in western Nepal

Help wives of those who disappeared to sell their embroidered bags and lobby the government for justice. Based in Kathmandu and Bardiya, Nepal.

Fellowship #5 – Support victims of Agent Orange in northern Vietnam

Help the Association for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (AEPD) tell the story of Agent Orange through individual families and raise funds for caregivers. Based in Dong Hoi, Vietnam.

Fellowship #6 – Combat menstrual banishment in western Nepal

Work with the Centre for Agro-Ecology and Development (CAED)to enforce the law prohibiting the demeaning and dangerous practice of chhaupadi. Based in Surkhet District, Nepal.

Fellowship #7 – Empower refugee women from Syria and Iraq through embroidery

Work through the Collateral Repair Project in Jordan to train refugee women in embroidery and help sell their products. Based in Amman.

Fellowship #8 – Use education to end child labor in the brick factories of Nepal

Work with CONCERN to rescue 50 children from work in bricks and place them in school. Based in Kathmandu.

Fellowship #9 – Campaign against child marriage in Zimbabwe

Work with the Women Advocacy Project (WAP) to campaign against child marriage in Zimbabwe. Based in Harare, Zimbabwe.



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