Larissa Hotra (El Salvador)

Larissa Hotra

Larissa Hotra (Survivor Corps in El Salvador): Larissa graduated from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources in 2004. She worked at the nonprofit SafeHouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan as a legal advocate and as an environmental science educator to high school students. She then served as the Midwest campaign coordinator for Global Impact, a nonprofit that raises money for international humanitarian organizations. By night, she worked as the Political Affairs Editor for a Ukrainian Internet Newsletter, e-POSHTA. Throughout her time in Chicago she dabbled in everything that the city had to offer: producing a story for Chicago Public Radio on the Ukrainian diaspora; organizing and working with the Ukrainian diaspora through PLAST – a Ukrainian youth scouting; attending free cultural and musical events; practicing her Spanish language skills in Latino immigrant neighborhoods; and trying to play soccer on every piece of green space in the city. At the time of her fellowship, Larissa was in the first year of a Master’s program at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.

22 Jul

What would YOU do with $50,000 ? Ask Yourself Three Questions…

Question #1: Just how far will $50,000 get a person with a disability? Answer: It

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Posted Jul 22, 2008

18 Jul

A Recent History of the Disability Rights Movement in El Salvador is an online magazine covering activism and politics in Latin America. I have been

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Posted Jul 18, 2008

14 Jul

El Fubal es Asi-Part II

In my post titled, “El Futbal es Asi-That’s Life” I briefly discussed amputee football in

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Posted Jul 14, 2008

30 Jun

Is El Salvador Really Mine Free? June 30, 2008: “Explosion hurts four children in Chalatenango…”

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed. An afternoon of exploring volcanoes around San Salvador

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Posted Jun 30, 2008

27 Jun

Oops. We forgot about people with disabilities. Again.

The Permanent Table of the Attorney’s Office of the Defense of Human Rights in El

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Posted Jun 27, 2008

23 Jun

Three robberies and a piece of apple pie

It took a lost (or stolen) credit card, three robberies, an unrequited love fixation-thing, 33

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Posted Jun 23, 2008

20 Jun

The Amazing Race

The last week has been extremely exciting in the office due to a race for

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Posted Jun 20, 2008

17 Jun

El Futbal es Asi-That’s Life

“Ver es Creer”: Seeing is Believing The sun was beating down on us when we

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Posted Jun 17, 2008

17 Jun

Because Life is Too Short Not to Laugh

Soon I will be posting videos and pictures of the Amputee Futbol game I went

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Posted Jun 17, 2008

16 Jun

The politics that underlie it all…

In my own recent experience in the country, a few common themes have arisen through

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Posted Jun 16, 2008

09 Jun

What does it take to be healthy?

What would you do if you lost your leg due to a landmine explosion? Your

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Posted Jun 09, 2008

05 Jun

Week 1: Berta Gets a New Set of Wheels

LSN has kept me extremely busy this week by taking me to sit in on

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Posted Jun 05, 2008

02 Jun

Day 1 at the office: The inns and outs of LSN-ES

It’s Day 1, and I am refreshed after a ten-hour layover in the Panama Airport

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Posted Jun 02, 2008

21 May

Marinating in El Salvador, human rights research, outreach, and travel logistics…Only 3 weeks left till I am officially pickled…

I think that I may have found a soul mate. Or, one of them, for

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Posted May 21, 2008