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Kerry McBroom

Kerry McBroom (Home for Human Rights – HHR): Kerry has shown her commitment to law and justice throughout her academic career. She designed her own major in International Human Rights at Cornell University and volunteered in the New York State juvenile justice system. She also volunteered for human rights projects in Germany (post-conflict reconciliation), India (child rights), and Denmark (HIV/AIDS awareness). At the time of her fellowship, Kerry was pursuing legal degrees at American University Washington College of Law and in Paris at Université Paris X. Kerry has also worked for clients in Darfur, Cyprus, and Uganda as a research assistant for the Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG) at AU, and interned at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague. After her fellowship, Kerry wrote: “I think I did everything that a human rights activist can possibly do - from writing legal briefs/reports to interviewing victims in the field to working with donors. The fellowship made me more confident and showed me that I have a lot more to learn. I know that everything I learned this summer will inform my approach to academic projects, future professional endeavors, and my day-to-day activities."

14 Oct

Sri Lanka Voices: Words of Wisdom

So many people helped to make the last four months great: Thanks to my family

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Posted Oct 14, 2010

11 Oct

Sri Lanka Voices: From On High

The overwhelming presence of religion in Sri Lanka continues to surprise me.  Many people profess

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Posted Oct 11, 2010

03 Oct

Women and the LTTE

Women’s participation in the LTTE has fascinated academics, journalists, and policy makers for years.  In

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Posted Oct 03, 2010

23 Sep

Sri Lanka Voices: Fighting Futility

Last week I met Marisa, a young human rights activist who recently moved to Jaffna. 

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Posted Sep 23, 2010

15 Sep

Sri Lanka Voices: From Yalpanam

Last week, the government passed a constitutional amendment that ends term limits for the president,

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Posted Sep 15, 2010

09 Sep

Sri Lanka Voices: From the Fairer Side

Being white in Sri Lanka has its perks.  For example, I can easily slip into

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Posted Sep 09, 2010

27 Aug

Sri Lanka Voices: From the Pitch

Every Sri Lankan loves cricket. News headlines feature players’ personal and professional ups and downs,

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Posted Aug 27, 2010

23 Aug

Sri Lanka Voices: From Up Country

While the international community focuses on war crimes allegations in the North and East of

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Posted Aug 23, 2010

16 Aug


I’ve just returned from a very intense week of travel around Sri Lanka.  I heard

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Posted Aug 16, 2010

06 Aug

Sri Lanka Voices: One Woman’s Experience with Conflict

Women played myriad roles during Sri Lanka’s war: soldier, disappeared person, suicide bomber, student, victim

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Posted Aug 06, 2010

30 Jul

The Two Faces of the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” Any guidebook on Sri Lanka will justifiably list endless quotes from historical, literary, and

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Posted Jul 30, 2010

23 Jul

Somebody’s Watching Me

It seems that the average person in post-war Colombo no longer fears war-related violence.  The

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Posted Jul 23, 2010

16 Jul

Sri Lanka Voices in…

தமிழ், , and English In Sri Lanka, language can spark violent riots, mobilize political movements,

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Posted Jul 16, 2010

08 Jul

Protests in Post-War Sri Lanka

This week, someone told me to watch my language… I was told that Sri Lanka’s

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Posted Jul 08, 2010

01 Jul

Sri Lanka Voices…can be very LOUD

httpv:// Life in Colombo presents an intense, never-ending, whirlwind of noise. From the moment the

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Posted Jul 01, 2010

05 Jun

Sri Lanka Voices: M.I.A.

Over Memorial Day weekend the New York Times Sunday magazine did a full-length feature article

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Posted Jun 05, 2010





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