Kathryn Dutile (Uganda)

Kathryn Dutile (Uganda)

Kathryn Dutile (Gulu Disabled Persons Union – GDPU, Uganda): Prior to her fellowship, Kathryn earned an MA in international development at the University of Manchester. In support of her thesis she researched the challenge of delivering sanitation services in Uganda from a gendered perspective. Kathryn became interested in development during study abroad and through volunteering in Ghana and South Korea as an undergraduate student. After her fellowship with GDPU, Kathryn wrote: “Sometimes the best moments were when the power went out and all the staff was just chatting about life, politics, relationships, etc. (Also) grant writing at this level and amount was new. (I) gained more technical WASH knowledge - whereas my specialty was more about institutions and behavioral changes.” Kathryn remained in northern Uganda after her fellowship. kdutile@advocacynet.org

23 Dec

Reflecting and Moving Forward

  As the year winds down I thought is was important to both recap the

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Posted Dec 23, 2014

01 Dec

The Women of GDPU: Empowered and Educated

Acen Franka In 2003, Acen Franka dropped out of Senior 1 at the age of

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Posted Dec 01, 2014

19 Nov

Nov. 19th World Toilet Day: Children with disabilities in Gulu lack basic sanitation

“I give a shit, do you?” – World Toilet Day Slogan In 2013, the United

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Posted Nov 19, 2014

18 Nov

Bus Park Toilet is Open!

I am happy to announce that last week Gulu Disabled Persons Union (GDPU) officially opened

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Posted Nov 18, 2014

03 Nov

Bullying of Children with Disabilities

“They tell you you’re ugly.” 13-year-old female “Sometimes they abuse you and tell me that

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Posted Nov 03, 2014

01 Nov

I hesitated to write this blog

I hesitated to write this blog. I questioned the ethics of even taking the photo,

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Posted Nov 01, 2014

29 Oct

5 Days, 10 Schools, 1 Needs Assessment

Between October 16th and October 22nd two members of the GDPU and I visited 12

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Posted Oct 29, 2014

22 Oct

Renovations at the Accessible Bus Park Toilet: Photos

With the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with the local government, the plumber was able

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Posted Oct 22, 2014

15 Oct

The Sacred MOU and Global Handwashing Day

A MOU or Memorandum of Understanding is the contract that binds partners and defines roles,

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Posted Oct 15, 2014

07 Oct

Advocacy Training with Gulu Women with Disability Union

With funding from Disability Rights Fun for capacity building Gulu Women with Disability Union, GDPU’s

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Posted Oct 07, 2014

16 Sep

Building Cooperative Relationships

Over the last few weeks most of my time has been spent on the back

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Posted Sep 16, 2014

08 Sep

“I was safe when I was there”: Evaluations of accessible toilet

One of my key objectives during the course of my six month fellowship with the

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Posted Sep 08, 2014

25 Aug

Building a long term program

Over the past two months my primary goal was formulating a three year accessible water,

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Posted Aug 25, 2014

18 Aug

Keeping Girls in School, Period.

Menstruation. Yes I said it, menstruation. Even to a presumably American audience the word is

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Posted Aug 18, 2014

03 Aug

Jennifer’s Story: Inaccessibility of schools in Gulu District

“For the success of persons with disabilities at least every school should be having ramps

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Posted Aug 03, 2014

28 Jul

“Do Not Keep Quiet”: Demanding water and sanitation rights

What is the difference between sanitation and hygiene? What does your home need in order

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Posted Jul 28, 2014

21 Jul

Francis Ojara’s Vision

Francis Ojara, 26 years old, has been repairing shoes next to the GDPU gate for

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Posted Jul 21, 2014

09 Jul

Silver Linings: Learning about HIV and disability

At the GDPU’s office the power comes and goes. Sometimes it’s just our line or

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Posted Jul 09, 2014

07 Jul

“We’re in it now”: Discovering Ugandan politics

The fact finding mission of the bus park toilet, GDPU’s project from the last two years,

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Posted Jul 07, 2014

29 Jun

Accessible Toilets for All

Opiyo Samuel, an 11 year old boy from the Parbon Quarter of the Gulu District,

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Posted Jun 29, 2014

22 Jun

Finding “the toilet”

When I arrived to Gulu via the bus from Kampala, I expected one of the

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Posted Jun 22, 2014

29 May

Anticipation and Expectations: Advocacy Project fellowship in Uganda

In less than three weeks I’ll be departing from Maine to Northern Uganda. I’ll be

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Posted May 29, 2014