Barbara Dziedzic (Kenya)

Barbara Dziedzic

Barbara Dziedzic (Undugu Society of Kenya - USK): Barbara’s commitment to social-justice issues began in college. In 2002, after receiving her BA in Religion from Carleton College in Northfield, MN, she moved to the East Coast to volunteer at an AIDS hospice with the Jesuit Volunteer Corp. A year later she began her teaching in inner city Baltimore at St. Frances Academy, a private Catholic school founded by Haitian Nuns in the early 1800’s for the education of slave children. Barbara earned a Masters degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution at American University. After graduating, she spent four years as a teacher working for the Anne Arundel County school system. After her fellowship, Barbara wrote: “It's changed the way I look at my own country. Given Kenya's pervasive issues with corruption and the inequality of its education system, I really appreciate the relative transparency of my own country and the public education system. I think I've come to realize how strong and tenacious I can be in advocating for a group of people I feel is being given a fair shake.”

08 Aug

Kangethe: The Profile of a Youth Facilitator

The first day I visited the slums of Nairobi, I was accompanied by Nicholas Kangethe

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Posted Aug 08, 2009

06 Aug

Why are you so angry?

Perhaps one of the reasons that adolescents make adults uncomfortable is because they do not mask their

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Posted Aug 06, 2009

03 Aug

An Interview with the Director of the Undugu Society of Kenya

Mr. Aloys Opiyo Otieno has been working with Undugu since 1993. The Undugu Society is

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Posted Aug 03, 2009

01 Aug

Material Poverty, Community Wealth

When you are driving through the slums of Nairobi, it is easy for them to

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Posted Aug 01, 2009

29 Jul

Making and Breaking Eye Contact – Aid in Africa

After lunch one day, Alixa and I were waiting at the elevator to return to

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23 Jul

Not Far – Odd Pairings and Meetings in a Globalized World

If you want to meet the Masai, the nomadic peoples of Kenya, you need not

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Posted Jul 23, 2009

22 Jul

The Undugu Society of Kenya – a unique model for youth self-advocacy

The Undugu Society, founded in 1974, has a long history of empowering youth and their

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Posted Jul 22, 2009

10 Jul

National or Generational Boundaries: A New Obama Administration Policy in Africa?

When I began teaching in Baltimore City in 2003, it turned out to be an

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08 Jul

Pamoja FM – Youth Radio and Civic Engagement

During the post election riots of 2008, much of the anger and violence in Nairobi

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29 Jun

“Be on Kibera”- Youth Frustration and Activism in a Nairobi Slum

The one room house is packed shoulder to shoulder with young people, all 18 to

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20 Jun

Informal Education in Kenya

My first full day in Kenya, I was largely left to myself so that I

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Posted Jun 20, 2009

27 May

The Voice of Youth – Echoes outside of the box

 The first period of class at Arundel High School starts at 7:17am. Trying to get

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Posted May 27, 2009





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