Samantha Hammer (Kosovo)

Samantha Hammer

Samantha Hammer (Kosovo Women's Network – KWN): Samantha earned her B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she majored in European Studies. She also worked at the Pacific Council on International Policy in her native Los Angeles, California, where she was the Special Assistant to the President and Coordinator of the Council's Equitable Globalization Committee. Samantha first became interested governance and human rights issues while traveling through the former Yugoslavia, and particularly Kosovo, during a college study abroad program in Budapest. At the time of her AP fellowship, Samantha was pursuing a Master of International Affairs degree at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. After her fellowship Samantha wrote: “The fellowship was very useful in understanding my own working style. I’ve learned I have good instincts about what will work and what won’t. It was a good opportunity to challenge myself to think from others’ points of view.”

04 Aug

Roma tradition, alive through art

In all the Roma houses I’ve visited in the villages around Gracanica, I don’t believe

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Posted Aug 04, 2011

29 Jul

“Gypsy Taxi” driver

Paul Polansky is a solid, beefy guy, an ex-boxer, who I’d even go so far

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Posted Jul 29, 2011

25 Jul

Discovering Preoce

Five of the women who are working on the Gracanica quilt are from the village

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Posted Jul 25, 2011

19 Jul

A Fling with Flia

(Note: These last 2 weeks have been monstrously busy – the usual quilting drama, field

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Posted Jul 19, 2011

05 Jul

Something special about Prizren, something special about Iniciativa 6

Not to be cliche, but Prizren might be my favorite city in Kosovo. The women of Iniciativa 6 are a big part of that.

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Posted Jul 05, 2011

27 Jun

Starting the patchwork

The group of women I’m working with in Gracanica begin to decide what stories they want to tell with their piece of the quilt…

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Posted Jun 27, 2011

22 Jun

Kundër Hajnisë

Peaceful public protests: is Kosovo ready?

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Posted Jun 22, 2011

19 Jun

From the field: women’s literacy training in Fushe Kosova

My first field visit to a literacy program for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women in Fushe Kosova.

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Posted Jun 19, 2011

13 Jun

Seven Days, Six Nights; Twelve Years

A few thoughts on the unofficial holiday celebrating NATO forces’ entry into Kosovo at the end of the 1999 conflict.

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Posted Jun 13, 2011

12 Jun

Roma, Ashka…what? A primer in progress

Who are the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian people of Kosovo? Not a simple question. This is an introduction to the groups and complex mixture of identities I’m working with this summer.

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Posted Jun 12, 2011

06 Jun

Live-Blogging the Kosova Women’s Network member’s meeting

My experiment with live-blogging the Kosova Women’s Network’s bi-monthly member meeting held today at the Grand Hotel in Pristina. Bear with me…

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Posted Jun 06, 2011

05 Jun

Training for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian activists – and for me

On my first real day working for the Network of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Women’s Organizations of Kosovo (RROGRAEK), I got to see how RROGRAEK is helping build the RAE women’s empowerment movement – and learned a bit about why that movement continues to struggle in the international development world.

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Posted Jun 05, 2011

23 May

Returning to Kosovo

Thoughts on the journey ahead

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Posted May 23, 2011





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