Dorothy Khan (Nepal)

Dorothy Khan (Nepal)

Dorothy Khan received her MS in Global Affairs from New York University, graduating with a concentration in Human Rights and International Law. She conducted field research on both registered and unregistered Rohingya women in the refugee camps of Bangladesh. During the summer of 2015, she traveled to Iraq to implement a self-designed project, aimed at empowering youth in the Duhok region of Iraq to become local community peace builders. In addition, she previously worked with urban refugees in South Africa, aiding them in navigating through difficult legal issues as they formally applied for refugee status. Her experience over the years in refugee rights, women's empowerment and human rights has imbued her with substantial experience working with disadvantaged populations throughout the world. Dorothy is also a recipient of a MA degree in Public Policy and and BA degree in Political Science from Stony Brook University. After her fellowship, Dorothy wrote: "Working with students in rural Nepal really changed me as a person and my outlook in life. Not only was this fellowship the most challenging experience I have ever had but it was rewarding and powerful, and I would do it again."

30 Sep

“Come back soon”

“Will you ever come back to Nepal?” This was the question that many people asked

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Posted Sep 30, 2016

24 Aug

The Power of Females in Maintada

  “I am so old with great grandchildren.” So, how old are you? “Oh, I

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Posted Aug 24, 2016

15 Aug

Do you dare to touch?

We climbed back up to Lakuri, Nepal to once again meet with the adolescence group

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Posted Aug 15, 2016

10 Aug

“I will tell my parents I don’t want to get married early”

    As soon the team got out of the car in Gumi to visit

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Posted Aug 10, 2016

08 Aug

“Eyes Full of Dreams and Ambition”

The Girls Empowerment Program or (GEP) was started in Maintada, with a goal of aiding

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Posted Aug 08, 2016

04 Aug

10 Rupee a Cup

  Sapana’s smile has a tender gleam with a mischievous, yet innocent twinkle in her

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Posted Aug 04, 2016

25 Jul

Revolution is on the Horizon

As Sujata, 13 year old, clambered up the narrow ladder leading to small hut across

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Posted Jul 25, 2016

11 Jul

America? Where?

You know you are in a really remote place in the mountains when you are

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Posted Jul 11, 2016

05 Jul

Difficulty menstruating in Nepal

I have been dreading this day, but mother nature always shows up at the wrong

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Posted Jul 05, 2016

28 Jun

Emotionally drained, physically exhausted, psychologically ingrained.

  “I don’t like to stay in Chauu goth (cow shed) but there is nothing

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Posted Jun 28, 2016

23 Jun

Were you born with black hair?

Before I even reached Gutu, Nepal, people from the village knew that an American was

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Posted Jun 23, 2016

20 Jun

Pakha Lagnu A.K.A. Isolation

“Pakha Lagnu” in Nepali means “isolation.” It is also the word that people here use

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Posted Jun 20, 2016

15 Jun

A Few Lessons on Gender Discrimination and Uterine Prolapse in Nepal

The WRRP team in Surkhet is doing a fantastic job combating gender discrimination. I am

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Posted Jun 15, 2016

10 Jun

Three Things You Need in Nepal

As I sit here in my uncomfortably hot room in 100F temperatures without any electricity

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Posted Jun 10, 2016

05 Jun

Suitcase Missing in Action

The first view of Kathmandu, Nepal from my hotel It is really not the greatest

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Posted Jun 05, 2016

27 May

Ready, Set, Go!

      This week I had the absolute pleasure to participate in a week

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Posted May 27, 2016





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