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Dorothy Khan received her MS in Global Affairs from New York University, graduating with a concentration in Human Rights and International Law. She conducted field research on both registered and unregistered Rohingya women in the refugee camps of Bangladesh. During the summer of 2015, she traveled to Iraq to implement a self-designed project, aimed at empowering youth in the Duhok region of Iraq to become local community peace builders. In addition, she previously worked with urban refugees in South Africa, aiding them in navigating through difficult legal issues as they formally applied for refugee status. Her experience over the years in refugee rights, women's empowerment and human rights has imbued her with substantial experience working with disadvantaged populations throughout the world. Dorothy is also a recipient of a MA degree in Public Policy and and BA degree in Political Science from Stony Brook University. After her fellowship, Dorothy wrote: "Working with students in rural Nepal really changed me as a person and my outlook in life. Not only was this fellowship the most challenging experience I have ever had but it was rewarding and powerful, and I would do it again."

Ready, Set, Go!

27 May





This week I had the absolute pleasure to participate in a week long training for the Advocacy Project Peace Fellowship. My decision to participate in this fellowship was influenced by reading the blogs of former fellows who did nothing but laud and praised how much they had learned from their projects and how participating in this fellowship had ultimately changed their lives. I knew this fellowship would present exciting challenges that would push me to the limit and I am hoping that I will survive its rigorous agenda by the end of the program.

I am leaving on June 3rd for Surkhet, Nepal to work with an organization called Women’s Reproductive Rights Program (WRRP). WRRP seeks to address the root cause of uterine prolapse by educating women on the issue. This summer, my goal is to empower Nepali girls by teaching them about child marriage and menstrual hygiene. Before arriving to the training, I spoke to my host organization and I am very excited to be joining a passionate team who are making a difference in the lives of marginalized women in rural Nepal.

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Reception with the Ambassador of Lichtenstein, a long- time supporter of AP

My two major goals, which I hope to achieve from this fellowship, are to spread awareness of child marriage and become a storyteller; listening and sharing that which others hold as precious. Here the challenge lies with developing a plan conceived in another country, plopped in the middle of community with virtually no language skills. At this point, I am constantly setting small and big goals for myself but find myself thinking “Wow that is a great goal but how much will I actually be able to do”? With the unexpected challenges of the program and the limited timeline, would I truly be able to meet the criteria and expectations of the organization I will work for? Then, I caught myself. If I start out with thoughts like this, my expectations will be lower than I want them to be. Of course there will be days when I questions things, but I have to set high standards and goals for myself so that I can do my best. If I can provide a positive influence, motivation, and love to all the girls, I will feel as though I did what I came to do.

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Posted By Dorothy Khan (Nepal)

Posted May 27th, 2016


  • Amanda

    June 3, 2016


    Your blog posts will surely encourage potential fellows in the same way you were influenced by fellows’ blogs. Keep up the good work and safe travels! We are eager to hear the stories you’ll have to share.

  • Hannah Chi

    June 9, 2016


    I’m so excited to see everything that you accomplish in Nepal. Early child marriage and menstrual health are two important issues to me, so I’m particularly excited to hear about your experiences and your progress. Good luck!

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