Corey Black (Nepal)

Corey Black

Corey Black (Jagaran Media Center – JMC): Corey holds an undergraduate degree in political studies from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He then obtained a Masters degree in International Politics from the University of Edinburgh. After returning to Canada, Corey conducted environmental and energy policy research for Gerard Kennedy, a Canadian federal Member of Parliament, and worked as part of Mr Kennedy’s communications and outreach team during the 2011 federal election. Corey’s AP fellowship was supported by the Human Rights Internet in Ottawa. After his fellowship Corey wrote: “If I do decide to pursue [a PhD], this experience will surely influence my research and critique of schools of thought.”

15 Oct

From Bus to Hotel, Journalism Training in Nepal

The grassroots journalism project is complete, and ten Jagaran Media Center affiliated Dalit journalists are

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Posted Oct 15, 2011

14 Sep

A public goodbye

Crowds lined one of Pashupati’s bridges over the Bagmati River and opposing viewing gallery, pressing

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Posted Sep 14, 2011

06 Sep

Presentation on social media, its influence, and Nepali journalism

August 9: Social media’s vindication from a narcissistic, techno-utopian, and impersonal medium to one of

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Posted Sep 06, 2011

29 Aug

Journalism Training in the East, First Day

August 8: We had traveled throughout the night, and were in Janakpur in the east

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Posted Aug 29, 2011

18 Aug

The Fall of a Nepali Icon

Few people I’ve personally met have left an indelible impression on me for their greatness,

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Posted Aug 18, 2011

11 Aug

Anatomy of an Advocacy Journalism Project

Nepali media tends to focus it’s reporting on the political leadership and its business: meetings,

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Posted Aug 11, 2011

10 Aug

The project begins

Our hired jeep (and driver) is late to get the crew at JMC headquarters, so

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Posted Aug 10, 2011

20 Jul

Early Dark Nights

We had come back to our guesthouse in Tulsipur from dinner around 10pm, staying late

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Posted Jul 20, 2011

15 Jul

Wretched Travel

The best, and funniest, description of Nepali bus travel I’ve ever come across, courtesy of

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Posted Jul 15, 2011

13 Jul

From Malaria Eradication to Bonded Child Labour: A Counter-Intuitive Relationship

So, foreign aid flaps its altruistic wings on one side of the ocean, and causes a hurricane on the other, with the wreckage only beginning to be cleared. The innocence of eradicating one deadly disease leads to the robbery and enslavement of an indigenous people on their own land. Our grand actions from afar, schooled in our detached and isolated institutions, can often have disastrous unintended local consequences in foreign lands.

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Posted Jul 13, 2011

26 Jun

The Big Sacrifice in South Asia

Over a dinner of naan and curried vegetables in a small, hole in the wall

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Posted Jun 26, 2011

23 Jun

A Quick Note on Nepali Aid

A recent U.N. commissioned report ranks Nepal sixth of Least Developing Countries (LDCs) for illicit

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Posted Jun 23, 2011

15 Jun

The elephant in the room, screaming for attention: South Asia’s environmental problem

You can see it in Kathmandu’s rivers, clogged of garbage and the occasional carcass. Slum

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Posted Jun 15, 2011

06 Jun

Wild Dogs of the Night

httpv:// (Recorded from my rooftop, June 6) Oh, these wild dogs. Keeping me up, barking

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Posted Jun 06, 2011

03 Jun

A Different Media Landscape

Yesterday’s newspaper is not unique, and most Nepali news outlets follow a similar pattern of allegiance to the political hierarchy and pay little attention to on the ground and behind the scene stories. Understanding ordinary Nepalese struggles, concerns, and views is difficult to find in Nepali news pages, as is a contextual framework from which to analyze the news and compare contrasting views.

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Posted Jun 03, 2011

24 May

Political Silly Season in Nepal

The banda is Nepal’s version of a strike, and a uniquely Nepali one at that.

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Posted May 24, 2011

20 May

The Monsoon is Coming!

In anticipation of the monsoon, the Rain God Rato Machhendranath‘s chariot is pulled through the

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Posted May 20, 2011

18 May

A Loud First Lesson

Kathmandu’s madness is in its loudness, speed, smell, and lack of formal coordination. But somehow, synchronicity flourishes in its people, and all is taken in stride – epitomized by the Nepali saying “khe garne?”, or “what is there to do?”. Like a Jackson Pollock painting, there is flow and beauty in the discord. It all works, and is wondrous.

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Posted May 18, 2011

13 May

First Impressions of Kathmandu

My first day on the mad streets of Kathmandu, with my host Prakash of the

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Posted May 13, 2011

06 May

Goodbye Canada

So time to depart the heavy rains of Toronto’s spring, and arrive as monsoon season prepares it’s lashing of Kathmandu. Suitcases are packed, preparations have been made, but my mind and body remain in Toronto. The work of past Peace Fellows at the JMC helps serve me as a mental guide, but it can only be that.

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Posted May 06, 2011