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Kerry McBroom (Home for Human Rights – HHR): Kerry has shown her commitment to law and justice throughout her academic career. She designed her own major in International Human Rights at Cornell University and volunteered in the New York State juvenile justice system. She also volunteered for human rights projects in Germany (post-conflict reconciliation), India (child rights), and Denmark (HIV/AIDS awareness). At the time of her fellowship, Kerry was pursuing legal degrees at American University Washington College of Law and in Paris at Université Paris X. Kerry has also worked for clients in Darfur, Cyprus, and Uganda as a research assistant for the Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG) at AU, and interned at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague. After her fellowship, Kerry wrote: “I think I did everything that a human rights activist can possibly do - from writing legal briefs/reports to interviewing victims in the field to working with donors. The fellowship made me more confident and showed me that I have a lot more to learn. I know that everything I learned this summer will inform my approach to academic projects, future professional endeavors, and my day-to-day activities."

Sri Lanka Voices: Words of Wisdom

14 Oct

So many people helped to make the last four months great:

Thanks to my family for your support! Special thanks to mom for editing, dad to reading, and Dorito for commenting.

Thanks to Erin and Iain at AP.

Rumba nandri to everyone in Colombo- especially CRM, VJ, TN, MdS, KK, and SX.

Thank you for reading!

I would also like to thank the three-wheeler drivers of Sri Lanka for providing me with unforgettable words to live by:

Hip hip hurray; Don't give me pain

make it snappy

Why Can't I do a part of your life?; Don't brake my heart.

Love how can a small word mean so much

You are the gift to god to me

Love is honey life jolly

I never love anyone other as you

different show; I can be different

Golden Father

Do you want to challenge me

Left our with us love remain eternal

Why fight the inevitable

LONG LIVE our mother land; No one mistake

Life is sweet dream

Better To You Don't Come My Way

Posted By Kerry McBroom

Posted Oct 14th, 2010

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