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Larissa Hotra (Survivor Corps in El Salvador): Larissa graduated from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources in 2004. She worked at the nonprofit SafeHouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan as a legal advocate and as an environmental science educator to high school students. She then served as the Midwest campaign coordinator for Global Impact, a nonprofit that raises money for international humanitarian organizations. By night, she worked as the Political Affairs Editor for a Ukrainian Internet Newsletter, e-POSHTA. Throughout her time in Chicago she dabbled in everything that the city had to offer: producing a story for Chicago Public Radio on the Ukrainian diaspora; organizing and working with the Ukrainian diaspora through PLAST – a Ukrainian youth scouting; attending free cultural and musical events; practicing her Spanish language skills in Latino immigrant neighborhoods; and trying to play soccer on every piece of green space in the city. At the time of her fellowship, Larissa was in the first year of a Master’s program at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.

The Amazing Race

20 Jun

The last week has been extremely exciting in the office due to a race for $100,000.

LSN, along with 9 other organizations, has been selected as a finalist for 1 of 10 prizes for the award, “Ayudando a Quienes Ayudan 2008” (Helping Those Who Help Others) given by the Gloria Kriete Foundation every year:

The award is given to human rights organizations who are helping to address social issues in El Salvador. The grand total of the top three prizes is $225,000, awarded in the following denominations: (1) $100,000; (1) $75,000; (1) $50,000. The rest of the finalists will receive smaller denominations of $10,000. LSN has stated that it will use the prize money to promote its new mission as an autonomous organization, slated for January 2009: to work with survivors of armed conflict and people with disabilities, applying the methodology of equal support in order to better the quality of life in the health, economic opportunity, and human rights programs.

The final awards will be announced on July 17th, 2008 at a grand gala in El Salvador. I will keep you posted on the status as the date nears. Stay tuned!

Posted By Larissa Hotra

Posted Jun 20th, 2008

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