Kelly Howell (Vietnam)

Kelly Howell

Kelly Howell (Association for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities - AEPD): Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kelly received her B.A. in International Relations from Grand Valley State University in 2012. She went on to study in both Egypt and Ireland, where she developed a special interest in post-conflict community building. At the time of her fellowship Kelly was studying for a Masters Degree in Conflict and Dispute Resolution at the University of Oregon. After her fellowship she wrote: “AEPD’s work here is much needed and so important, and I am very happy to be working alongside such brilliant advocates for human rights.”

16 Oct

Families Affected by Agent Orange

In the blog prior to this one, I explain how the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam has led to a great many challenges for the Vietnamese. In this blog, I will introduce you to one of the families affected by its use. Agent Orange is an herbicide that the U.S. sprayed over rural areas […]

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Posted Oct 16, 2013

08 Sep

Agent Orange and Post-Conflict Vietnam

The legacy of war, with its attendant unexploded ordnance and the use of chemical weapons has deeply impacted the country of Vietnam and most importantly, her people. The data on the percentage of people with disabilities are varied in Vietnam due to different survey and assessment methods. According to the General Population Survey in 2009, […]

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Posted Sep 08, 2013

28 Aug

The Romance of War

Although knee-deep in research on the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam by the United States and its effects on the Vietnamese (blog forthcoming), I am compelled in this moment to comment on a historical event in the American-Vietnam War: the My Lai Massacre. Through my work with AEPD, I have been more directly involved […]

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Posted Aug 28, 2013

08 Aug

Vietnam and the Cluster Munitions Charter

August 1 marked the 3 year anniversary for the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CMC), celebrated all over the world. Vietnam was no exception, with AEPD leading the effort to mark this notable day. AEPD held an event at a local community center that was attended by local authorities, citizens, and survivors. AEPD also led a […]

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Posted Aug 08, 2013

24 Jul

AEPD Successfully Combats Poverty in Vietnam

There is a saying in Vietnam; Smile, breathe, and go slowly… A simple phrase with unusual resonance, the words were still with me when I first arrived in the late evening to Vietnam, after rushing from plane to plane, in bustling Hanoi. There, I stayed for one night, only to be carted off in a […]

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Posted Jul 24, 2013

13 May

Exploring Vietnam

In one month I will be leaving for Dong Hoi, Vietnam, as a Fellow for Peace for the Advocacy Project. There, I will be collaborating with the Association for the Empowerment of Peoples with Disabilities (AEPD), helping to connect people who have been disabled by land mines that were abandoned after war with opportunities for […]

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Posted May 13, 2013





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