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Lisa Rogoff (Survivor Corps in Rwanda): Lisa has spent much of her professional career promoting human rights. She earned a BA from Colgate University. She then worked for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Committee on Conscience where she produced Voices on Genocide Prevention, a weekly podcast. Lisa then worked at the ENOUGH Project, directing campaigns to raise awareness about the crises in Sudan, Congo and Uganda. Lisa returned to academia to pursue a joint-degree at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and McDonough School of Business. While at Georgetown she worked at the Clinton Global Initiative, designing the Human Rights and Peace Track for the CGI’s second annual conference for university students. During her first year at graduate school, Lisa also worked with the Grassroots and Issues Management Team at APCO Worldwide, a global communications consulting firm. After her fellowship, Lisa wrote: "My experience in Rwanda has taught me the importance of flexibility. I’ve also seen the importance of empowering women...I don’t know that I’ve changed the way I look at myself, though I have come to understand just how fortunate I am to have been born in my circumstances. I have met so many wonderful and talented men and women in Rwanda who have been unable to realize their fullest potential because of their economic, social, or political situations.”

Mussolini Continued…

11 Jul

Regular readers of this blog will remember Mussolini’s story.  As a landmine survivor, Mussolini struggles to make ends meet while trying to get his organization, the Association of Landmine Survivors and Amputees (ALSAR) off the ground.

Mussolini Eugene, Founder of the Association of Landmine Survivors and Amputees

Mussolini Eugene, Founder of the Association of Landmine Survivors and Amputees

We have been trying to get together over the past few weeks, but due to problems with hisprosthetic leg, we were were not able to meet up until Friday.  Although he has spent the past week in several hospitals, dealing with expensive and painful medical treatments, Mussolini was nothing but optimistic and upbeat.  He was excited to begin work on his web site and incredibly thankful for Survivor Corps’ help.  ALSAR’s site is brand new, but with Mussolini’s dedication to the organization, I think it will be up and fully running shortly.  Check out what he’s done so far.

Posted By Lisa Rogoff

Posted Jul 11th, 2009

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