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Charlotte Bourdillon (Kakenya Center for Excellence – KCE): In the summer of 2009, Charlotte worked with an indigenous women's weaving group in Temuco, Chile. She received her B.A. in Community Health and International Relations from Tufts University in 2010. Prior to her AP fellowship, Charlotte also worked with a health and community-led development initiative in Haiti, called RESPE:Ayiti. Charlotte also interned at Physicians for Human Rights in Cambridge, MA. After her fellowship Charlotte wrote: “I can look at so many deliverables that I am proud of; things I am especially happy to have been able to achieve in the low-resource area I was working in."

Thanks, HP!

19 May

Enkakenya Centre for Excellence pupil Mary spontaneously hugs the new HP computers as they are being unloaded

Today an unusual sight rolled into Enoosaen as truckload of computers donated by HP arrived at the doorstep of the town’s two girls’ schools. Today we unloaded 16 computers at the Enkakenya Centre for Excellence and 16 computers at the neighboring Enoosaen Girls’ Secondary School. And there are even more slated for a what will likely soon be a community center run by the Kakenya’s Dream organization. Over the next week, a computer engineer will be helping us set up the schools’ computer labs. All we have to do is prepare the space, the electricity source, and some tables on which to enshrine our new toys.

Everyone gathered to watch the computers arrive

I am in awe – HP has thought of everything. There are extra printer cartridges and even backup battery UPS (uninterrupted power source) devices so that the fluctuating power sources we will rely on won’t hurt the computers and won’t leave the students with sudden shutdowns and unsaved work. An individual from HP actually donated the indispensable Microsoft Office software. The most thrilling thing for me is that HP also had the wherewithal to send an engineer to do the initial wiring and set up, and I’m not left bumbling around in a pile of wires as I had at one point expected to be. Somebody over there knows how to make a user-friendly donation.

At first confused by the computers...

Then reaching out to touch them...

Gradually the excitement sets free!

Pure joy at the arrival of the HP computers. It just melts my heart to see how excited these girls are!

The Kenyan Ministry of Education is giving ICT capacity ever increasing importance, but is completely unable to supply its schools with sufficient computers. This past year, for example, the government’s decision to make the KCPE (eighth grade primary school leaving exam) registration electronic caused utter mayhem and great strife for primary schools across the country that are almost never supplied with even one computer. Beyond this, computer courses are offered (yet not mandatory) in the government secondary school curriculum, but children at schools without computers are severely handicapped in both the job market and the college application process by not having access to computer classes. This is just one more reason that parents who can afford it will send their children to private schools which are far more likely to have technological tools at their disposal, and why those children get into the best national high schools and universities.

Enoosaen Girls Secondary receiving the computers. The deputy head teacher is pretty excited herself.

The Enoosaen Boys’ Secondary School has had a computer lab for years, reinforcing the inequality in the local educational system that girls face. These labs will help close that gap and send a message to the community that girls do, in fact, deserve the best, and that HP and Kakenya and her American organization recognize this. Furthermore, during holidays, the girls’ secondary school is planning to open the lab to community members to learn computer skills at a small fee, which will both generate income for maintenance of the computer lab and extend the opportunity for ICT skills and internet connectivity to the rest of the community.

An Enoosaen Girls' Secondary pupil helps unload

All of these factors dovetail beautifully to make sharing the gift of the computers with the girls secondary school align perfectly Kakenya’s overall interest in girls empowerment and community development.

The headteacher of the secondary school is just glowing after receiving the computers. She says you only see computers this nice in the bank here in these parts of Kenya. “We may have been the last school to get computers, but we are going to have the best lab in the district,” she is saying.

Likewise, ours will be the first government primary school in the Transmara West District to have computers, and one of only 2 primary schools in the district to have computers at all (although the other private school doesn’t have nearly as many).

Enoosaen Girls' Secondary pupil proudly brandishes one of the new HP monitors as she helps unload.

Posted By Charlotte Bourdillon

Posted May 19th, 2011


  • Mimi

    May 20, 2011


    You can just tell how excited these girls are from the photos. It’s unbelievable.
    Are you going to be teaching them how to use the computers?

    Much love,

  • Jonathan Jamel

    May 20, 2011


    I have to say seeing all those happy faces makes the work we have done all worth while. The Kakenya team should be extremely proud of themselves for bringing so much joy to the girls. Thank you for allowing us to share in your vision…

    Best Wishes

    Jonathan Jamel
    HP Kenya

    • Charlotte Bourdillon

      May 21, 2011


      We are so grateful for all the work you’ve done to bring these computers to us!
      The sense of joy and gratitude is palpable here in Enoosaen.
      I’ll bring you more updates soon.

      Thank you for helping us move one step closer towards accomplishing the vision!

  • Meg Kedrowski

    May 20, 2011


    Those photos are fantastic! I agree, HP really seems to have nailed the “user-friendly donation.” Good luck coaching the girls on how to use their new computers.

    All the best,

  • sara

    May 23, 2011


    Kudos to HP. What a wonderful donation. At last the girls will get a chance to really change their future career prospects. well done everyone at the Kakenya’s dream team

  • iain

    May 27, 2011


    Good for HP! What a great contribution to girls education. Now have to make sure that they make really good use of these spanking new machines!

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