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Greg Holyfield (Home for Human Rights, Sri Lanka): Greg graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in history. He then worked in the production department of Sony/ATV/Tree Music Publishing and served as a “Big Brother” for an elementary student from Nashville. He later volunteered with the Peace Corps where he served for more than 2 years in Mali, West Africa as an Agriculture Extension Agent. In Mali, Greg oversaw the construction of a garden project for a women’s group in the village of Konna. He later worked as a legislative assistant to U.S. Congressman Bart Gordon (TN-6th) on agriculture, immigration, and international relations. Greg also volunteered with the Everybody Wins mentoring program in the Washington DC public schools system. At the time of his fellowship, Greg was studying for a Masters degree in the inaugural class of the Clinton School of Public Service at the University of Arkansas.

A jaunt into the interior

11 Jul

Hello everybody. I just returned Monday evening from a trip to the interior of Sri Lanka. I visited several ancient Buddhist temples as well several ancient palaces of pre-colonial kings. The trip was wonderful but exhausting and again it was great to get out of Colombo for a couple of days. One of the wonderful things about tourism here is that it is cheap enough for Sri Lankans to take advantage of their wonderful sites. This past weekend was a holiday and every place we went was crowded with Sri Lankans on vacation.

My trip took me to Anuradhapura, the area where 64 civilians were killed in a bus explosion last month. There was a heavy military presence in the region due to several military bases and the recent violence. We were stopped at several checkpoints, but the police left us alone. They are concerned only with the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) and not with western aid workers.

This Friday (the 14th of July), I will finally be going to Batticalloa for three days. I am very excited about this trip(and excited about spending my 32nd B’day there). The plan is to evaluate how well our project can proceed in the current security climate. If it looks good, I will return to the area to work on HHR’s post Tsunami Rehabilitation Program. The beneficiaries are Tamils who have first been displaced by war, then the Tsunami. Most recently, they have been denied aid from local authorities because “they were not native of the district”. HHR has been doing great work in these villages and I hope to be able to contribute a little something in the next month.

Hope everyone is well and until next time…

Posted By Greg Holyfield (Sri Lanka)

Posted Jul 11th, 2006

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