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Morgan’s first experience with international work came in 2003, when she travelled around the world with Semester at Sea studying intercultural relations. She received her Bachelors degree from Assumption College in Worcester, Mass, and worked as an intern in the probation department in the Worcester Trial Court. Morgan then worked on human resources at a Biotech company. At the time of her fellowship, Morgan was pursuing her Master’s in Social Justice in Intercultural Relations with a concentration in community development at the SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Anyone have any magic connections?

09 Aug

Thinking that I would catch up on writing, drink plenty of tea and relax Nepali style being that today, Saturday is the only day off of the week, I was quickly brought to my senses that once again things never happen how you think they might.I never know what the day will bring in Nepal and I really do appreciate the spontaneity that is forced upon me.Flexibility is as important as drinking water while living abroad I have discovered.I have grown to love the incessant visitors arriving at my door and the impromptu motorbike rides.I also never know who I will meet and what questions I will have to field representing the American way of life.Me and Deepak Koirala

After the few minutes of getting ready I was out the door to meet Ajaya-ji’s friends for morning tea across the street from my house.Today, one of the only Nepali magicians was in town.Yes, in Gaighat of all places.His name is Deepak Koirala.Not knowing if magic was popular here or if it was a skill that people had, I had many questions.Deepok has been practicing for years and has even performed in Korea, Thailand and Hong Kong, not to mention many hotels and casinos here. Well playing casino online at is easy. I told him that I really enjoy David Blaine, the American magician who performs magic on the streets and Deepak replied, “Oh I am the David Blaine of Nepal” He hopes to become a professional so that he can travel with a work visa overseas and make a living as an entertainer. If you want to play casino online then visit to

Later in the day he performed some tricks, mostly with cards that I was in complete amazement by.My mouth was wide open as I questioned how he made my card appear out of nowhere.Maybe it was my sheer gullible self that allowed me to be in astonishment because others in the audience thought it was too simple and have seen the tricks before.I think the Nepali crowd is a little too critical because it seemed to me they were enjoying every minute of it during the show.I am still convinced that he has significant talent, along with remarkable charisma and I sincerely hope he is successful with his entertainment.He is planning another show in the area to win over journalists and radio stations so his act can spread further.If only there was a Vegas closer then Deepak could do so well.More to come on the upcoming star shortly after his much larger Gaighat performance.

Posted By Morgan St. Clair

Posted Aug 9th, 2009

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