Ginny Barahona (Afghanistan)

Ginny Barahona (Afghan Women’s Network): Ginny worked with the North Philadelphia Public School System where she organized tutoring programs for four middle schools. This experience gave Ginny an interest in building communities through institutions and in the relationship between access to services and progress. At the time of her fellowship, Ginny was pursuing a Master’s degree at the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.

Beginning the Road May 19, 2004

19 May

In two weeks, I will travel to Kabul, Afghanistan and begin working with the Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) on the design of 2 girls’ schools. Working on the visa process, living arrangements, vaccinations, and even finding information on appropriate clothing for women are all my focus right now, which may be a good thing. Friends and family ask whether I have many fears about moving to Afghanistan. Of course, I’m a bit nervous but the reality is that the project is fascinating and a significant step towards development. So, I basically keep my attentions on that fact.

This summer, I look forward to learning about the process of communication and cooperation in community building. I hope to meet some of the students in the AWN schools as well as the women who have taken it upon themselves to change the lives of Afghan girls. Ultimately, they will change my life as well.

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Posted May 19th, 2004