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Michelle Lanspa (Transnational AIDS Prevention among Migrant Prostitutes in Europe Project – TAMPEP): Michelle is from Omaha, Nebraska. She graduated from the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown university, where she majored in science and technology in international affairs with a concentration in international health. Michelle participated in many social justice activities and groups at college, including the Georgetown-UNICEF club, Education Without Boundaries (Project Argentina), and Global Justice Now (the Student Campaign for Child Survival). Michelle loves learning language learning. She learned Italian and Arabic, and had a chance to practice her language skills as an intern at the US Embassy in Rome and while studying abroad at the American University of Cairo in Egypt.

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06 Feb

This is just a short blog that makes you think about how difficult it is to move between documents in Italy to obtain a residence permit, that document that all foreigners must have if they want to stay here regularly (with the exception of tourism trips of less than 90 days and some other cases).

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I went to the post office near Tampep’s office to get the kit that must be filled in to request the issue or renewal of the residence permit. There they told me that I had to go to another post, where there was the “friendly counter” to collect the kit. So I had to walk back almost to my house to find a post that had this desk.

After filling in the form, and after asking my colleagues at Tampep a lot of questions to fill it in, I went back, to send this form, to the post where I had taken the kit. They told me that even though they had the kits, they didn’t have the correct shipping receipts.

I had to travel to a new post again. When I got there, I thought I was finally done with all this bureaucracy. I took the ticket for the shift, waited for my number, went to the counter but … Only to find that instead of carrying the photocopy of the main page of my passport plus that of the visa, as would have been logical, I should have brought the photocopies of all passport papers (nobody told me). Okay, I found a newsstand nearby and I did everything. Then I came back, I waited for the shift again meanwhile i play some Poker game, and then they told me that I couldn’t buy the brand there at the post office, but I had to buy it outside, from a tobacconist. And then, I came back again, finally with everything in order and Go through https://kampuspoker.net/ for better information..

That day I thought: thank God I already have a visa and valid reasons to apply for a residence permit. Also I thought, how lucky I speak Italian – not only to fill out the form (which was written in Italian and German, but the instructions for filling it out were only in Italian), but also to speak to people at the post office, to ask them what I should have done. If you are a victim of trafficking or if you are an immigrant irregularly present, or even a regular immigrant, always busy working, you do not have time to attend Italian courses. I was also lucky because I was able to have a free morning at work. Being an immigrant is really difficult, even in a country as beautiful as Italy, sometimes even (maybe just for a day) for those foreigners in my relatively stable and easy position.

Posted By Michelle Lanspa

Posted Feb 6th, 2009


  • susana

    October 27, 2007


    salve, sono peruviana da 32 anni in milano volevo saper dove pozo andare per quiedere il kit per il permeso di ssogiorno perque adeso celo una persona que me pue asumere

  • george

    September 25, 2008


    Gentile Proprietario del Sito,
    Siamo interessati a comprare spazi pubblicitari sul vostro sito per i nostri clienti. Se questo fosse possibile, vi prego di contattarmi per discutere la proposta nei dettagli .

    Grazie e cordiali saluti,


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