Ted Mathys

Ted Mathys (Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group): Ted earned a Bachelor’s degree in international relations from Carleton College. His research focused on the social dynamics of achieving environmental sustainability in the context of globalization. At the time of his fellowship, Ted was pursuing a degree in international environmental policy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. After his fellowship, Ted wrote: “I learned to undertake rigorous research in difficult conditions. More than this, I was challenged to think about poverty and (the) environment in much more complex ways.”

Chintan Recycling Center Vlog

17 Jul

As my research on climate and wastepickers progresses, I’ve been working with Chintan to identify several areas in Delhi that might serve as case studies of local recycling efforts and their relationship to emissions reductions. The volume and composition of waste recycled by wastepickers in a specific geographical area is probably the most crucial bit of information in any attempt to account for their climate change mitigation work, so we’ve decided to begin in the areas with the best waste data. Last week, AP Peace Fellow Jacqui Kotyk and I visited one such area, Chintan’s micro-recycling center on the outskirts of the city. Check out the video below:


Posted By Ted Mathys

Posted Jul 17th, 2009