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Hannah McKeeth (CEMUJER): Hannah was born and brought up in Panama City, Panama. Growing up in Central America greatly influenced her understanding of society and development. From Panama, she moved to Langley, BC, Canada, where she did her undergraduate studies at Trinity Western University in History and Political Studies. Upon graduation, she became a parent and community educator through Advocates Against Family Violence in southern Idaho. It was in this job that she became aware of the complex issues surrounding domestic violence and challenges that immigrants face in the United States. Following this, Hannah spent a year defining her passion for storytelling and clarifying her vision for her future through a fellowship with the Trinity Forum Academy.

First days at Cemujer

22 Sep

[This is part of a chalk mural that is just outside of the office.]

Last week, I was walking to CEMUJER at 9:39am for my 10am start and I got a phone call from the office asking me to wait until 2pm to come in because everyone was away from the office all morning. I slowed down my quick pace and headed towards the Pollo Campero to pass the time. I ordered a milkshake and opened a newspaper. It is suprising how many articles there are about violent crimes.

When I finally arrived at CEMUJER, they were all very friendly and welcoming. My first couple days at CEMUJER I did a lot of waiting and listening. They have an interesting habit of eating lunch together everyday. They collect a dollar from each person and somehow make a meal out of that for everyone. During lunch (which happens at a very late hour of the afternoon) I listened especially when the conversation to to stories about the war.

It is fascinating how easily the conversation moves towards stories of the war. I have listened as the stories come out. I have so much to learn. The circumstances were confusing enough for the people that lived through it. I’m sure it will take a lot more for me to understand even a little bit of what happened here. I look forward to telling some of these stories.

Posted By Hannah McKeeth

Posted Sep 22nd, 2008

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