Sarah Wang (Canada)

Sarah Wang (Association for the Defense of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners in Iran- ADAPP): Sarah Wang was born in Beijing. Her family moved to Canada, although Sarah kept in touch with home and taught English to Tibetans and Mongolians during her summer vacation in Beijing in 2010. At the time of her fellowship Sarah was in her first year of undergraduate study at University of Toronto, pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Philosophy.

First Video on Lake Urmia

29 Aug

This is perhaps the first video that was finished by our amazing camera man/video editor/basically a terrific one-man-show!

There have been some protests happening in northern Iran, in the city of Urmia over the Middle East’s biggest lake, Lake Urmia. Because of decades of damming and lack of oversight from the central government, Lake Urmia’s total water area has been drastically reduced.

Some of the demonstrations were caught on tape and ADAPP was able to get a hold of it and direct it to Shawn Wang, our volunteer camera man and film editor this summer. We are very grateful and impressed by what he did with only a few hours of time (on a weekend)! We are also very grateful and impressed with the “animated logo” that will be featured in ADAPP videos from now on. It was made by Diego Avila, another wonderful volunteer that helped us with our various needs. Together, the animated logo and the video editing was a major project for us in August.

More about Urmia to come.

Posted By Sarah Wang (Canada)

Posted Aug 29th, 2011