Nicole Slezak

Nicole Slezak (Kosovo Women’s Network): Nicole received her BA in communication studies and political science from the University of California, Los Angeles In 2007. During this time she studied abroad in the Czech Republic on a National Security Education Program scholarship. At the time of her fellowship, Nicole was studying for a Master’s Degree in Security Studies with a focus on International Security at Georgetown University.

First Day in Prishtina

05 Jun

Jet-lagged and entirely out of my wits, I arrived at the office of the Kosova Women’s Network to meet Nicole and the other girls who work there. Nicole and I walked around for a bit, enjoyed a Machiatto and then had dinner at a restaurant called Tiffany–where they cook authentic Kosovar cuisine and use only ingredients from Kosovo. I then got settled in my apartment and met my roommates. They are interesting women–Rema is a doctor and her cousin, Ganijmet, is a television reporter for RTV21 (a news station in Kosovo that was started by two Albanian women). I asked Ganijmet about her position at RTV21 and told her that I am also interested in journalism–she told me that she would take me there and give me a tour. After heading to bed with crazy, earth-shattering thunderstorms and no power, I woke up to the imam calling followers to morning prayer–at 4 am. Unfortunately I am still very jet-lagged. This fact was further upheld when I woke up once again–this time at 4pm.

The View of Prishtina from My Bedroom Window

Posted By Nicole Slezak

Posted Jun 5th, 2007