Nur Arafeh

Nur Arafeh (The Democracy Workers Rights Center - DWRC): Nur is a Palestinian from Jerusalem, who has long been interested in politics and human rights, principally in the context of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. She has participated with the model United Nations and has worked with Badil Resource Center for Palestinian Residency & Refugee Rights in the summer of 2011. She represented Badil at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Nur was studying for a dual BA at Sciences Po University of France, and Columbia University in New York, at the time of her fellowship.


20 Apr

I am in the bus, on my way to Washington DC from New York. I will have the training session before the other peace fellows since I have booked my ticket to Palestine in advance and I could not change it.

I am really looking forward to working as a peace fellow at Democracy and Workers’ right Center in Ramallah-Palestine. I have several projects in mind that I will discuss with my host in the upcoming days. I am very interested to learn more about Palestinian workers with disabilities, meet their families and see how they pay for their living. In addition, I would like to focus my research on children, especially those who sell at checkpoints.


Map of Palestine/Israel
Map of Palestine/Israel



Although I am Palestinian and I have read a lot about the conditions of work in Palestine and in Israel, I am confident that I will learn a lot from this fellowship, since I have never been in touch with these workers directly. I am also looking forward to doing my best in supporting Palestinian workers and advocating for their human rights.

Posted By Nur Arafeh

Posted Apr 20th, 2012