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Dara Lipton (Vital Voices- Kenyan Association of Women Business Owners - KAWBO): Before her fellowship, Dara served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Uzbekistan and Suriname. In Uzbekistan she worked at a community health clinic. In Suriname she worked with a women’s group. Dara then returned to Suriname to train Peace Corps Volunteers. At the time of her fellowship Dara was pursuing her MA in International Relations with a concentration in sustainable development in Africa at Yale University. After her fellowship, Dara wrote: "This fellowship has helped me to understand many of the academic and theoretical concepts that I learned in school in a more realistic and practical setting. This has given me increased confidence and a level of comfort in development discussions that I didn’t previously have."

Hannah: Ushering in a new era for KAWBO

06 Sep

Hannah Wangombe was recently brought onto the KAWBO team to serve as the ABWN Hub Manager; serving as liaison between Vital Voices, the Africa Businesswomen’s Network (ABWN) and KAWBO.  Having recently obtained her Masters in Development Economics in England, Hannah recognizes the essential role that a businesswomen’s organization can play via its support of women in a growing and industrializing economy such as Kenya’s.  She contends that a successful businesswomen’s organization must address the needs of women while simultaneously offering them opportunities and serving as a voice for change and recognition within government and the international business community.   Starting small businesses, according to Hannah, has the potential to empower women economically and socially and pull them out of the “poverty cycle.”  An organization created for these small business owners can serve to ensure that this empowerment is sustainable and far-reaching.

In regards to KAWBO specifically, Hannah sees “immense potential”.  She is excited to be part of KAWBO and to lead KAWBO on a trajectory to increased relevance and credibility in Kenya.  It is her role, as she states it, to take advantage of KAWBO’s strengths (such as its influential membership and international partnerships) to “concentrate on taking KAWBO to the next level.”  In order to do so Hannah and her co-workers at KAWBO will develop new policies and procedures for the organization as well as organize and implement new programs that promise to address the specific needs of KAWBO’s members.  Hannah is confident that KAWBO will soon be a “credible organization to be reckoned with;” she will undoubtedly play a critical role in getting it there.

Watch a video profile of Hannah here:

Hannah (left) with me, Taiyana, and Elizabeth.  KAWBO women; past and present.

Posted By Dara Lipton

Posted Sep 6th, 2010

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