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Juliet Hutchings (World Peasants and Indigenous Organization - WPIO): Juliet’s passion for telling stories through film and video took her to the NGO Veronica’s Story, and then to Ethiopia where she documented how the international community is working to eradicate the AIDS virus and help orphans find safe, healthy homes. She worked on several documentaries during her undergraduate studies at Northeastern University in Boston. Juliet has also made an historical film about how children perceived the Communist regime in 1950s Central Europe, in Prague, Czech Republic. She has also made a short film about the nonprofit organization HIPS, Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive. At the time of her fellowship, Juliet was in her final year of an MFA program in film & electronic media at American University in Washington, DC. After her fellowship, Juliet wrote: “There are always benefits to these community connections: time and again, no matter who I talk with about my experiences in Africa, I hear the refrain, “It’s people like you who are helping people like me, one at a time, to understand what the world is like, and that there is a group out there (the pygmies) who are in deep danger and need assistance.”

I Can Move Any Mountain…

31 Jul
A Dear Friend

The strains of that mid-90s song by The Shaman keep marching through my mind today. Freddy and I had a very necessary and somewhat painful conversation this morning, wherein I first scolded him for his lack of punctuality, blamed him for my inability to do the tasks I am set to do and then, finally, succumbed to the reality that I am just in the first stages of the mourning process for my impending departure in 3 weeks. I felt the tears welling, totally uninvited, and then trickling down my cheek. As soon as I let them come, unabated, I realized how much I am going to miss this place. I have been bottling that feeling up and trying to place it somewhere deep down so that I could just get on with things and go home.

But, life is never that easy. Freddy and Pascal have become my bosom friends. I love the talks that Freddy and I have about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. I love seeing Pascal succeed with the video camera. He is really showing that in his next life he will be a great filmmaker. This weekend, the two of them will be scouting out locations in southwestern Uganda. We three shall return there in a few weeks and shoot some footage for a promotional video about WPIO and their shoulder-to-shoulder work with pygmy tribes. I am so excited to finally shoot video for this project. Combining the tutoring, the website I am building, the outreach we are doing here in Kampala and the promotional video I will complete when I’m back in the States, will make for a powerful tool when raising awareness and money for future WPIO endeavors.

And, as a capper to my time in Uganda: I had already planned to jump from a plane with my friend, Annalea, as a celebration of our graduation in May. Now, when I return to the States, I will jump from an airplane in the name of the WPIO, while carrying a banner honoring their work (we’ll take pictures to prove it!). Of course, the jump will involve a parachute and a tandem, expert jumper 😉 I would love to receive donations for the cause. Any monies raised above and beyond the cost of the jump will be sent directly back to the WPIO to continue their work here in east Africa. (Thanks for the idea, Jennie!)

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Posted By Juliet Hutchings

Posted Jul 31st, 2008


  • Dana

    August 1, 2008


    Juliet, your blogs are always entertaining and heartfelt. Keep ’em up in your last weeks. And have fun!

  • Herbert Parsons

    August 6, 2008


    Juliet, it’s encouraging, as always, to hear from you, in part because you write so well, and are appropriately descriptive of your feelings. I wish you’d include more portraits: the faces, too, personalize your commentary in a way not otherwise possible.
    Thanks, Herb

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