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Tassos Coulaloglou (Collective Campaign for Peace – COCAP): Tassos was born and raised in New Jersey. He attended the University of Wisconsin (UW) and graduated with his BS in Political Science in 2001. Tassos spent one year studying abroad at Utrecht University in Holland while in his final year at UW, After graduation, Tassos moved to Lithuania to become a freelance journalist and teach high-school history and English as a second language. In 2004, he returned to the States to work as a team leader with the League of Conservation's Envirovictory political campaign in Milwaukee. He returned to Eastern Europe the following year and resumed writing before starting graduate school. At the time of his fellowship, Tassos was studying for a Master's degree in International Relations and Diplomacy offered jointly by Leiden University and the Clingendael in Holland. After his fellowship, Tassos wrote: “...now in class, I try to break the Euro/America-centric positions that seem to dominate and ask what the Nepali view would be…this fellowship pushed me to understand a people, to think in their terms."

ICC Week Begins

02 Jul

ICC week officially kicked off yesterday with a gathering of human rights organizations in central Kathmandu. COCAP has taken a leading role in the campaign and is doing much of the ground work. After everyone met in the center of the city’s busiest traffic circle, COCAP volunteers acted out a few skits to raise awareness about the ICC. Then everyone went into traffic and stickered cars, buses, and motor bikes. A petition was later brought to the prime minister’s office, calling for the immediate ratification of the Rome Statute to the ICC.

Here some of their volunteers act out a skit that touches on some of the problems still plaguing the country. The guy holding the gun represents the security forces (on both sides) who still operate in the country with relative impunity.

After the skits, a banner was unfurled at the edge of the roundabout and volunteers passed out flyers to raise awareness about the ICC.

They also entered into traffic to place stickers on buses, taxis, bikes and cars.

Needless to say the police truck didn’t get a sticker. Notice the white t-shirts that read, “Ratify the International Criminal Court!”

Posted By Tassos Coulaloglou

Posted Jul 2nd, 2007

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