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Gisele Bolton (Vikalp Women’s Group in India and CONCERN in Nepal): Prior to her fellowship, Gisele earned a BA from the University of Minnesota and an MA from City University London. Gisele volunteered in Honduras and Kenya, where she taught English and developed a connection to children with special needs. She also interned in the US with The Advocates for Human Rights and The Nonviolent Peaceforce. After working with transgender people at Vikalp, Gisele wrote: “One size doesn't fit all and we must always remember that.” About her fellowship at CONCERN she wrote: “(It was) enriching both professionally and personally! I always felt very supported and learned so much more about grant writing, fundraising, communications and development. I feel that is an area I'd now like to work in.” After finishing her fellowship with CONCERN, Gisele accepted another job in Nepal.

Income Generation Program

05 Sep

“I didn’t want to study anymore” says Ramesh, now 18, about dropping out of school at the age of 13. He then traveled from his home in Nepal to India to work with his parents. He worked in a candy shop for a few years where the employers treated him badly and kept most of his wages. Wanting to earn more income he came back to Nepal, joining his aunt and uncle working in W. Brick Kiln in Lalitpur district. He carried heavy loads of bricks on his back from 5 AM to 5 PM. Ramesh worked in the physically demanding, health hazardous brick kiln for nearly a year and suffered severe backaches and malnourishment.

Just because Ramesh did not want to study, does not mean he was doomed to the harsh environment of brick kilns for life.

Ramesh now runs a small restaurant, making anywhere from 700-1,000 N.R a day (7-10 USD). Ramesh was able to escape the labor intensive work, that was very strenuous on his small frame, and pursue an alternative career option with the ‘Income Generation’ program run by CONCERN. The program provides financial assistance to individuals to pursue an alternative career. They are also provided vocational training depending on the area they’d like to work in. Ramesh received financial assistance purchasing gas to cook with, utensils, pots and pans.

Ramesh at his restaurant

Ramesh was actually referred to CONCERN by his employer at W. Brick Kiln. CONCERN has a strong interaction program with employers and parents in seven different brick kilns in the two districts of Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. Through the interaction program they are able to work with and reach out to children and adolescents in the brick kilns. CONCERN facilitates classes on the rights of a child, encourages employers to comply by labor laws, and inform parents on the importance of education, vocational training and alternative career options.

Posted By Gisele Bolton

Posted Sep 5th, 2014

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  • Kathryn Dutile (Uganda)

    September 8, 2014


    It’s really interesting that he was referred by his brick kiln employer. How did CONCERN make those partnerships with brick kiln owners?.

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