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Joya Taft-Dick (Vital Voices - Africa Businesswomen’s Network, ABWN): Joya was born in Vermont and spent much of her youth on the move with her father – a UN official – in Africa and South Asia. After graduating from Middlebury College in 2006, she spent a year working in Colombo, Sri Lanka with a local women’s group and public health organizations. Joya then moved to Washington D.C where she spent two years working with a Congressional Commission on sexual violence in U.S prisons and jails. At the time of her fellowship, Joya was pursuing her Master’s degree at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. After her fellowship, Joya wrote: “Being around my colleagues and CBWN’s members was truly inspiring. The fellowship reminded me that I can operate very independently, that I am truly adaptable, and that I am happiest ‘in the field.’ I leave Cameroon with some rediscovered 'joie de vivre’.”

Introducing: Marguerite Limagnack Miko, President of CBWN

08 Jul

Dr. Marguerite Limagnack is currently the President of the Cameroon Businesswomen’s Network, based in Douala.  The road leading up to this Presidency has been a long and busy one.  After receiving her formal training in France, Marguerite Limagnack became Dr. Limagnack, a dental surgeon and epidemiologist.  Shortly thereafter, she spent three years in Germany, during which time she was also the Managing Director of a gender project on dental health. Here you will get a best dentist Eugene OR for quality service. Visit for the best dentist in the Chicago. You might not know it, but the procedure for placing dental implants is quite similar to the procedure for placing dentures. While dental implants do necessitate surgery, it can be performed under anaesthetic in the comfort of your own dentist’s office. Dentures frequently require surgery to rectify abnormalities in the mouth before they can be worn, which you may not be aware of. Depending on the state of your mouth, tooth extractions or other procedures may be necessary in both circumstances. The most significant advantage of  implant dentistry Pflugerville over dentures is that they provide a permanent solution to tooth loss.

Once back in Cameroon, Dr. Limagnack founded her own dental practice in June of 2000.   She also then became the founder and President of SMILE, an association which trains female dental assistants to work in mobile dental clinics.  Since January of 2007, SMILE has trained 20 such dental assistants, and each year SMILE sensitizes and screens around 2,000 people.  Dr. Limagnack also actively takes part in preventative health campaigns in primary schools, in the poorer areas of Cameroon, and is currently campaigning for a project that would make quality dental health care affordable to everyone.

In 2000, Dr. Limagnack formed BORMAR Ltd, an organization that produces publicity materials for companies, and along with her husband, an agro-engineer, she is establishing an integrated development farm that helps small neighborhood farmers improve revenue.  Furthermore, as a board member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Cameroon, she organizes meetings and discussions with top CEOs in country around the issues of importance to their various businesses.

Finally, Dr. Limagnack is on the board of a magazine called ‘Héra,’ written for Cameroonian, and African women alike, which addresses issues of both a professional and personal nature.

CBWN finds itself in good hands, and will undoubtedly continue to grow with Dr. Limagnack’s guidance.

Dr. Marguerite Limagnack Miko

Posted By Joya Taft-Dick

Posted Jul 8th, 2010

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