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Charlotte Bourdillon (Kakenya Center for Excellence – KCE): In the summer of 2009, Charlotte worked with an indigenous women's weaving group in Temuco, Chile. She received her B.A. in Community Health and International Relations from Tufts University in 2010. Prior to her AP fellowship, Charlotte also worked with a health and community-led development initiative in Haiti, called RESPE:Ayiti. Charlotte also interned at Physicians for Human Rights in Cambridge, MA. After her fellowship Charlotte wrote: “I can look at so many deliverables that I am proud of; things I am especially happy to have been able to achieve in the low-resource area I was working in."

Karibuni our new dorm!

24 May

For weeks all the staff have been inundated with questions. “Teacher, what day will we move into that building? Have you seen isn’t it beautiful?”

Today, the waiting came to an end. I wanted to just quickly share a few photos especially for those of you who have been fundraising for and worrying about and anticipating the building for months now.

a pupil shows off the new dormitory

The campus was abuzz with hyperactive excitement. Even at 6:30 pm the pupils wanted nothing to do with dinner or evening preps --they just wanted to be inside their dormitory.

Making the beds with special care.

The building isn’t entirely finished, and a little work is still taking place to make the top half inhabitable, but we decided to move the girls into the bottom half anyway. And from the looks on thier faces they won’t mind being a wee bit crammed for a week or two.

Girls moving into the new dormitory

pupil with her luggage

pupils work together to move their bunkbeds

Class 5 and 6 enjoying the new rooms

Leah holding her mattress

Posted By Charlotte Bourdillon

Posted May 24th, 2011


  • To think that not so long ago, these girls were living in impoverished conditions, ignored by their teachers, with most of their lives consisting of doing chores with not a thought to themselves nor their futures. Today they are thriving in a unique school dedicated to girls, where they are thrilled to be learning and finding their own dreams. Thank you, Charlotte, for capturing these precious moments of joy!

  • iain

    May 27, 2011


    This is very cool! As you write, this is the culmination of a lot of hard and dedicated work. You capture it perfectly!

  • Write this up into an ebook or something… this stuff is Gold!

  • John

    June 2, 2011


    Great to see these kids so excited for the power of education. I hope they take full advantage of the opportunity, and realize the sky is the limit. Congrats on the completion of this project, with, I’m sure, many more to come.

  • sara mccracken

    August 26, 2011


    the photos are just brilliant. I cannot help but smile as I looked at them yet again.It is impossible not to share in their enthusiasm. Thank you for helping them see the world with optimism and hope.

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