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Fanny Grandchamp (Victimology Society of Serbia - International Action Network on Small Arms - IANSA): Fanny is from the town of Annecy in the French Alps. She earned a BA in Public Administration from Grenoble University, and also studied abroad in Truru, Canada and at the University of Exeter in the UK. In 2006, Fanny spent a month in Senegal helping to build a school. The following year, she spent three months in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as an intern in the social affairs department of the French Consulate. At the time of her fellowship, Fanny was pursuing a Master’s degree in International Organizations at the Institute of Political Science of Grenoble. After her fellowship, Fanny wrote “This challenging experience has revealed itself very formative and useful, opening up my interest in the Balkan region and helping me find confidence. I'm grateful to AP for this.”

launching the campaign..

17 Jun

Here we go. Tomorrow is D-day. As part of the disarming domestic violence campaign, VDS will be organizing a conference on the topic. Considering the research and scholar profile of our organization, this event will gather journalists, politicians, social workers, NGOS, women organizations, the aim being:

First, to raise awareness on this issue and have it written on the political agenda. Second, but this will take time, to change the existing legislation to a more comprehensive and protective one for women. In fact, the policies most likely to protect women from armed domestic violence are those which focus on how private individuals acquire guns and store them. This is why this campaign focus on encouraging to harmonize national arms control legislation with their domestic violence laws. Among IANSA recommendations, one can find the following:

-Treat intimate partner and family violence as a serious crime and protect and support women who report it

-Disarm perpetrators of intimate partner and family violence

– Refuse new guns to perpetrators of intimate partner and family violence

– Require all guns to be stored safely

– Train law enforcement officials to address armed intimate partner and family violence

Jasmina Nikolic who was the king pin in organizing the conference at VDS office and myself have been working hard this week to announce the conference as broadly as we could: we made flyers, leaflets, press releases for the journalists… and we also produced our own Serbian logo, which I’m very proud to present you.

Disarming domestic violence -SERBIAN LOGO-

Jasmina also went on national TV on Monday the 15th, to announce the conference. I thought it might be useful and entertaining for you to have a small extract of this so I turned it into a small film that I tried to translate in English in the most accurate manner. It also gives you the opportunity to meet with Jasmina, who’s been very supportive for me, and has shown a great deal of availability.


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Posted Jun 17th, 2009


  • Marie

    June 17, 2009


    Your blog makes me proud of you!
    Love you

  • Sarah Masters

    June 18, 2009


    Thank you Fanny, your blogs are excellent and tackle some of the common misperceptions of both the gun issue and domestic violence. I particularly like the way you are making the connections between countries which, on the face of it, appear to be quite different. As you are finding, upon scratching the surface, we learn so much more about what each has in common – the numerous preventable deaths – through gun violence and domestic violence.

  • Eliane NOIRET

    June 19, 2009


    Fanny, your blogs are excellent!!!
    I wait for tomorrow.

  • Milan Milivojevic

    June 22, 2009


    Lepo je upoznati i znati Don Kihota u zenskom obliku koji se bez maca i stita namerio protiv nasilja bilo koje vrste.Samo napred u pobede i nadam se da ova tvoja epizoda nece biti samo sjajna tacka u tvom C.V-ju,vec ambicija novim snagama koji ce doci posle tebe.

    • Fanny Grandchamp

      June 22, 2009


      Thank you Milan. I’m touched by what you wrote and won’t give up being a Don Quichotte. Promess. And this Serbian experience can’t only be an additional line on a CV because I found people like you, interested, interesting and from whom I have a lot to learn still. Take care.

  • germain reinier

    June 23, 2009


    People who know you know also that action is your stuff! Great idea to translate this video in english to raise awarness. I learned more because of you. I love you

  • henri

    June 29, 2009


    Dear fanny

    congratulations for your action for the gun issue and domestic violence.I’m very proud to see that a young woman as you is able to manage a such project

    kisses from Annecy

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